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Title: Activate Tests based on date and time.
Category: Toolbox PRO Activities
Description: Custom choose a date and time to allow tests to be accessed.

This was very exciting to program in Toolbox PRO.

The ability for Teachers to actually activate a Multimedia Test only during a certain date/time.

So basically if you want a Multimedia test to be accessed on Friday at 1:00pm and to be "closed" (or no longer accessed) at 3:00pm that same day, you can now do that!

After you choose to assign an Multimedia Test to a class or assign a Lesson under a class, go under Activities (under the class) and choose a "Assigned Date" and a "Date Due".  This will enable the test to be only activated during those 2 dates/times.

Thank you both for Vickie Mike, Steve Smith and Brian Tinney for their input on helping create this great tool for teachers!

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