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Title: Import spreadsheet to create games
Category: Toolbox PRO Activities
Description: teachers and even students can now create games via spreadsheet

Ok, I got this done.

I also added this capability under the Activities/Games area so that teachers can do it themselves (just like the Multimedia Test, you can do the same thing there as well).
So a teacher can fill out the simple spreadsheet and upload it to generate their game.
Also, a teacher wants her students to fill out a spreadsheet and then he/she can create games based on their spreadsheet information.
1.)    For a teacher, they would need to download the template (here or in the public resources under documents) and put it in a resource folder.
2.)    Then she can create a homework  assignment, and then add the resource spreadsheet to it so that the students can work on it and then they can upload their final spreadsheet back to the homework assignment.
3.)    She can then go to the Class Grades section and then click the icon next to the homework Name.
4.)    There she will be able to see a student list and the files the student uploaded.
5.)   Click on file and then choose #3.
All Done!

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