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Title: New Toolbox PRO 2 Released
Category: Toolbox PRO Activities
Description: The new version is finally here
The new version of Toolbox PRO is finally here!
You can now log into Toolbox PRO 2 by going to

There are many new tools and new layouts making it easier for you to manage your online classroom. 

Teachers, don't worry, all of your data is "synched" with both version 1 and version 2. So you don't have to "re-create" anything when you log in to TBP 2.

Just some of the new items inlucde:
  • Student groups/live collaboration documents
  • Drawing question type (in the tests tool). Students have to "draw" for an answer. (can also draw on an image uploaded by the teacher, like a map, etc.)
  • Teachers can video chat with a "NON-Toolbox PRO" user. So you can conference with others that don't have a TBP account.
  • New "sliding' menus and layout windows for easy access to your online classroom management tools.
  • Teachers can now "Turn ON/OFF" tools/sections that they do not use. (so they don't show on your menu).
  • FileDrop: a "Dropbox" like desktop application that you can use to easily access your TBP documents, presentations, videos, etc.  Drag and drop your TBP files from FileDrop to download,upload and update.
  • Teachers can "RE-NAME" activity categories. Such as "Homework" becomes "Exercise" OR "Assignment". "Multimedia Test" can become "Assessment" OR "Evaluation".
  • Much, much more!
Andy G and The IDEAS Team

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Comment Posted by: Sally at 04:07:46 PM on 08/16/2013

I can't wait to use it. Nice job!