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Title: Third Grade
Category: Projects at Watkins Glen
Description: October and November

In the third grade classes this year, the students can take their spelling tests online and also practice them online.

The third graders can all sign on with their own user name and password.  They can practice the games as many times as they want.  We have it set up so that they can play: HANGMAN, JUMBLED WORDS, MASTERSPELL, and WORD SEARCH for each list.    They can also see a breakdown of their tests and what the correct answer is if the answered incorrectly.

We have started putting on other subject area information as well.  Now there is a Continent Test and Learning Module.  The test has pictures and asks the students to identify the continent as they see a satellite picture of the continent.

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Comment Posted by: Me! at 09:18:14 AM on 11/18/2008

I worked on a mini unit of the Nifty Fifty Words for a third grade classroom teacher yesterday. To see what the plan looks like, check out the RESOURCES, folder NIFTY FIFTY. There is a word document and a flipchart that the kids will have access to. Also, look in the ACTIVITIES (nifty fifty folder also. There are games as well as a learning module.