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Title: Mrs. Goetz's Blog Assignment
Category: Mrs. Goetz English 11 Blog
Description: Blog Assignment - English 11


Blog Assignment
Alternative Book Log Assignment
(You can do the blog INSTEAD of the book log if you choose)
The blog will appear on the library website so that other students will be able to view it and see if they would like to read the books you have blogged about. It should be something that improves and adds to the website, so if you are planning on just taking the easy way out and not doing a great job on this please choose to do the book log. In your blog you need to include a summary of the book. Make sure you do not give away the ending as it will be used for others to see if they want to read it, if the ending is given away this defeats the whole purpose of the blog. Then you need to include a review of the book. These both need to be DETAILED. Remember that this is IN PLACE of the book log which is composed of sixty sentences total! Your blog doesn’t necessarily have to be sixty sentences, but it does need to be relatively close to that and it does need to be something that would be beneficial to someone who is considering reading the book. It should be composed of HALF summary and HALF review. This means you should not have five paragraphs of summary and two sentences of review. They should be as equal as possible (I understand that they may be a few sentences off from each other, and that is OK).
Mrs. Goetz