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Title: BRASS Magazine
Category: Personal
Description: Feb 2008

Yesterday you were asked to read an article from BRASS Magazine.  1)  I want you to tell me the name of the article you read.  2)  Once you have told me the title of the article, I want you to summarize the article.  Tell me what it was about.   3)  Lastly, I want you to tell me what you thought about the article -- was it interesting?, did you learn anything from it?, was it easy to understand?

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Comment Posted by: Sam Ayres at 10:50:55 AM on 02/12/2009

The article I read was "The Buried Life". The idea was to live life to the fullest. I think the article was spreading a message. To make people get the most out of life as possible.

Comment Posted by: Alyssa Buckley at 11:00:44 AM on 02/06/2009

the article i read was called " the buried life." this article is about these four guys that travel around the united states furfilling the 100 thing, "what they want to do befor the die". i thinked the article, it keep my interest all through it. it really made me think about makeing a list myself.

Comment Posted by: Casey Kellogg at 10:56:08 AM on 02/06/2009

I went home to read the brass artical on the prom night for a $100 or less it was quit amazing how you can spend the smallest amount of mony to have a great prom night you do not have to spend 200$ on the dress you can borrow from the family or friend. i have not been able to go to prom yet and I might take these suggestions into place when I go to my prom it was amazing on how much money you can save on what could be one of the biggest nights of your life.

Comment Posted by: cassy at 10:54:35 AM on 02/06/2009

The article I read was called "whatever you want it to be". This article talked about how it isnt critical to go to college after highschoo; and jump into something you think you may wanna be but second guess it. Teenagers rank the American dream as simply being happy in doing everything that you do, and I think that is entirely true. You should follow your dream,not someone elses. I found this article to be entirely true.

Comment Posted by: Kristin Hughner at 10:54:33 AM on 02/06/2009

The name of the article that I read was Stash or Trash? written by Natalie Newman. The article was about the value of importance for different kind of papers. It also tells the reader of different ways to save certain kinds of papers. The article also tells how to prevent identity theft. I really liked the article because I learned how to distinguish the difference of junk mail or important mail. This article was easy to understand because it had some paragraphs and others were bullets. I was glad to have read an article that tells the importance of my papers.

Comment Posted by: church at 10:53:51 AM on 02/06/2009

the article that i read was about why credit unions matter. the article says that you are an owner of the corperations.their porpose is to save yoy money. this helps the cummunity out.

Comment Posted by: Matt L. at 10:53:42 AM on 02/06/2009

The article i read was called "Bumming It Seasonal Job Secrets." This article told about finding jobs in fields that you are interested in. It mentioned snowboarding related jobs and other jobs at ski resorts. I thought that the article was pretty informative and easy to understand, it also made me think about my other choices for employment.

Comment Posted by: Tim King at 10:53:37 AM on 02/06/2009

A lot of people have fender benders all the time sometimes it is their fault and some times it is not their fault. Then people have to get it fixed and somtimes if they do not have collision insurance then it comes out of their own pocket or their car gets totaled then you have to go through all the stuff to get it straitened out with that other person

Comment Posted by: justin at 10:53:16 AM on 02/06/2009

the one i read was fender spenders.It was about what u do when u get in a cresh and what happens. the artical was good . i learned that u call your inshurence thee same day. it wqas verry easy 2 under stand

Comment Posted by: Brianne <3 at 10:51:07 AM on 02/06/2009

1. Fender Spenders 2. The article was about car accidents. It told me about what information you should get from a person in case of a collision. You should get at least a name, phone number, and insurance card. Make sure you call the police so that you can get a witness and accident report. The next day at least you should file a claim to the insurance company. 3. I thought it was ok, but I already knew that stuff from driver's education. But it was easy to understand.

Comment Posted by: mike rarrick at 10:50:04 AM on 02/06/2009

iv learned that gettin in a acccident can be expensive. it will also make your insurance go up alot.