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Title: Your Personal Budget
Category: Financial Literacy

You just created your own monthly budget and wrote down how much you plan to save (P.Y.F).  Tell me how much you plan to set aside (or save) each month AND give me one financial goal you have in the future that this money can be used for.

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Comment Posted by: Sam Ayres at 12:37:49 PM on 03/30/2009

I plan to keep setting aside $65 each month. I'm going to use that money for college.

Comment Posted by: jacob church at 10:32:11 AM on 03/30/2009

---- Original Message ----
The money that I save up from my allowance is around 10 dollars. I also get around a $100 from my dad to put in for food. so then I save up $10 for my future. The money that I save up is going to college for a cullinary class and the rest will go to my business that Im going to own. so then I hope to save enough money to pay for my college around 30 thousand if i transfer to different college.

Comment Posted by: cassy schoener at 10:29:06 AM on 03/20/2009

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I plan to set aside 80 dollars each month, and if I have emergencies then that will be what that money can pay for or I will let it sit in my savings until I want to go on a vacation.

Comment Posted by: alyssa buckley at 10:28:57 AM on 03/17/2009

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As of right now I plan to save up to or even over four hundred and eighty dollars. To accomplish this goal I plan to save $40 a month. I plan on saving this money so I can fly to Texas and visit family but still have money left over for shopping and fun times.

Comment Posted by: Brianne <3 at 10:25:34 AM on 03/17/2009

I'm going to save 30.00 a month and my goal is to save up so I can move out of Corning.

Comment Posted by: justin at 10:35:50 AM on 03/13/2009

i am saving 150 dollars a month now. i am saving up for a new car.

Comment Posted by: Casey Kellogg at 10:35:28 AM on 03/13/2009

well right now i am not making any money but when I get a job I would like to set aside $25.00 each month I want to start to save up for maybe a car or collage

Comment Posted by: Tim King at 10:33:47 AM on 03/13/2009

I am going to start saving 20 dallors when i get money from my parents. I am going to buy me a nice house in the next couple of years so that i can learn to support my self

Comment Posted by: Kristin Hughner at 10:32:17 AM on 03/13/2009

For P.Y.F. I will save $5.00 each week from my allowance. This money will be saved for a NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum) in Boston or Washington D.C. This will be during this Summer in July 5-14. My parents have said they will pay for the trip, but I need to save money for my additional expenses.

Comment Posted by: Mike at 10:31:23 AM on 03/13/2009

i plan on saving ten dollars a month atleast. thats when i get it i dont always get the money but i save my change.

Comment Posted by: matt l at 10:29:44 AM on 03/13/2009

i would usually save up to 50 dollars a month because im trying to save up for a car