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Title: Getting Started
Category: ActivClassroom
Description: Where do I begin?

Welcome to our Odessa-Montour getting started blog.  This is a place where we can communitcate more globally and share ideas, concerns, questions, and answers.  Just as our students we learn by doing and helping others.  My goal for all of you is for you to somehow use this tool to help you teach in some way.  Whether it is to show pictures, video, create interactive activities, or create management techniques that will assist you in your classroom management, you will be able to use this effectively to suit your needs. 

Every teacher needs to start from their comfort level.  Learn to use what you have to get started and build from there.  Each of you can use this to maximize your teaching.  As you all get started just focus on learning to use the software to open new flipcharts, save, edit saved flipcharts, print saved flipcharts, and use the main toolbar to write on the board.  This is a great goal to get yourself comfortable with this technology. 

As you gain confidence and are ready for more skills, you can use other tools in the toolstore such as the revealer, tickertape, zoom, and spotlight tools.  I will always be here to assist you as are other teachers who have had the boards for the last couple of years. 

I hope this is a beginning to a new venture for all of us. 

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