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Title: The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman
Category: Book Club
Description: Book club discussion - please join in if you have read the book

Summary by The School Library Journal:

Eddie Ball has a problem. He and his mother have dreamed of moving from the trailer park where they live, but now she has lost her job with Finkle Foods. Eddie and his friend, Annie, learn of a poetry contest sponsored by Finkle Foods. The winner of the contest gets an opportunity to sink a foul shot during halftime at the NBA finals and win one million dollars. Eddie is a good basketball player, and with coaching from Annie's father, he becomes even better. Mr. Finkle tries to get Eddie to throw his chance at winning the money because Finkle Foods is in financial trouble. Another complication arises when it appears someone is trying to sabotage Eddie's practice sessions.

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Comment Posted by: Brandon at 09:18:25 AM on 06/13/2008

I will try to read this book

Comment Posted by: Mrs. O'Hara at 09:17:15 PM on 05/02/2008

---- Original Message ----
Chapter 1: I find it interesting that the author has chosen to start the story with Eddie missing his shot in gym class. The whole chapter is about this. Did he do this just to let us know that Eddie does miss shots so we aren't sure how the story will end? We know he is going to take a shot because the title tells us so... Or did he do it to make Eddie seem more like a regular guy who happens to be a good foul shooter?  What do you think?