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Title: A Public Thank You
Category: General Discussion
Description: Livonia teacher presents technology integration
Today was a good day. 

With so many changes happening in regard to educational technology, sometimes it can "bog" me down a bit if you know what I mean.  The process of evaluation, implementation, training, and upkeep on new systems becomes daunting.  Cyclical.  Not only do we (tech staff) have to get ourselves set up behind the scenes, but then understand and relay the information back to employees in a hopefully understandable way.  Then respond cheerfully to requests for help!   Once a teacher takes off with their new found skill or knowledge,  sometimes we don't get to see all the great work that results because we're back in the cycle again.

Today, I was reminded that all the efforts behind the scenes are worth it.   I witnessed one of my own former teachers, present colleague, and respected friend give a presentation to a large group of Coordinators and Managers with such excitement that I just sat back and smiled!

Greg Cole demonstrated to a group of 47 district and Edutech representatives how technology gets integrated into his classroom.  He did a great job!

Greg presented for a full hour showing how he integrates a variety of technology including calculators, videos, Smartboards, wireless slates, Math-specific software and his own classroom website.  In addition, he talked about his professional growth and future goals. Greg even engaged the audience with a little Pi day rap tune clip.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous when Greg responded to my request for volunteers.  This is a group of techies, afterall!    But, after the presentation, I had some good conversations with other districts and felt like we were doing something "right".  All the hard work does pay off and, in the end, students do benefit.

This is just one story of so many, but it was timely for this new blog.  I hope you will share some of your stories here too, I know we all have them!

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Comment Posted by: Kathie Polyn at 12:46:21 PM on 04/07/2008

Greg was great!!! I went back to my District sharing many of his technology integration strategies with my teachers. Thnks to both of you!