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Title: Getting There
Category: Classroom Activities
Description: Jeg lag is for real
Well, it has finally arrived - the time for my trip to Greece has come.

I had the usual fears going into this:  would I make my flight?  Would my planes be so delayed that I missed my connection?  Would I be seated next to a screaming baby?  Would the plane, well, crash into the Atlantic?

Turns out I needn't have worried about any of that.  We left Ithaca around 3:30pm for a little jump to Newark, NJ.  The kids were excited, and so was I.  We had a little fear about the icy runway in Ithaca, but that proved to be no obstacle at all.

Our flight from Newark to Athens was even better - we were on a huge plane -big enough that each member of my family got a row to themselves - really important on a 9-hour flight that crossed so many time zones that we landed the next morning.  I watched a movie, ate some truly bad chicken, watched another movie, slept here and there, etc.,  until Tad told me to look out the window.

I was blown away - we were way above the clouds, but the mountains of Greece poked their heads out as well, as if welcoming us.  We hopped off the plane, and over to my sister's house, which is where I am now, sleepy, but happy.  I will post pictures when I have em.  In the meantime, keep checking the blog from time to time!