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Title: These are a few of my favorite things-
Category: Language Arts
Description: daily journal
      There are things that make our days worthwhile.  For me, that could be learning and teaching about people that lived in the past.  I miss the days when my sister brought me on archeological digs.  Staring at the ground a few feet in front of me for long periods of time to find a broken arrowhead made every step an adventure.  
     Opening some books can give me the same feeling.  Pillars of the Earth and its sequel are Ken Folletts 2,000 pages that bring you through the Middle Ages.  In The Murder of King Tut, James Patterson convinced me of how King Tut died and who the villain was.  Clan of the Cave Bear can have you feeling like family with a Stone Age Clan.
     Besides historical fiction, I love to read biographies, realistic fiction and humorous books.  There are so many books and magazines that I wish I could read all day long.  But, a new favorite of mine is to read blogs.  Since I would like to start my own, I guess I will have to think of more of my favoite things.
Miss B.

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Comment Posted by: Alyssa Jean Lawton at 06:07:37 PM on 03/09/2011

some of my faverite things to do is play sports, read, watch movies all night long, and SPEND TIME WITH MY FAMILY!!!!!!! :)

Comment Posted by: kimber casaceli at 06:08:34 PM on 03/07/2011

some of my favorite this are that where ever i go i feel serounded by family. Miss.b and Mrs Sykes let us have the 7th gread experence in 6th geade thanks for that. I also i love to go home and sleep and to read. i love all the greek mythology that we do. from kimberly casaceli

Comment Posted by: Maddie at 07:17:53 AM on 03/07/2011

Some of my favorite things are reading because it teaches me new things about other worlds. Another of my favorite things is swimming because it's calming and i love the water. I love learning about new things probably the most of all though because i like exploring the unknown.

Comment Posted by: Parker at 10:57:10 AM on 03/05/2011

Books can give me the same feling to, but some are sade and happy but most of the time they are just right.

Comment Posted by: Emily J. (301) at 04:29:20 PM on 03/04/2011

I like your favorite things Miss B. I love to read mysterious books and adventures. I have never been on an archealogic dig before but I would love to try it! Its seems very fun! I can tell in your blog that you love to read! So do I! :) First Comment! Yay! -Emily J

Comment Posted by: Donny at 03:47:52 PM on 03/04/2011

Books and Blogs, both alike in many way, while different. Both have a vast amount of genres, while blogs are 21st century, while books can be from now to a scroll in ancient Mesoptamia. But both can give you more knowledge than you began with, but it depends, if it is good and reliable knowledge or not...