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Title: Feelings of Pride?Anger?Sorrow?Sadness?
Category: Perspective Through Film
Description: The End of Flags

Surely this film has tapped in to some type of emotion.  Please describe your feelings of pride or anger or sorrow or sadness based on what you have viewed in the film.

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Comment Posted by: Pat Wilson aka newborn with sideburns at 08:04:52 AM on 03/05/2010

After seeing the movie I do feel some pride and sorrow. I feel pride in the fact that these men did something not just in the war but also at home that they did not enjoy but they did it to help their country. The part I feel sorry about is that most of these men didn’t feel that they were actually heroes. They were placed in these roles to help earn money even though the true heroes were the ones who didn’t make it home.

Comment Posted by: Rochelle Horton at 08:00:50 AM on 03/05/2010

I feel as though I was sad. I have been through the emotions of someone dying in war. My friend Christopher Pusateri died in the Iraq War we are still in today. It brought back a lot of emotions and anger.

Comment Posted by: J. Frost at 07:30:58 AM on 03/05/2010

I felt sad fro the soldiers and their families. The soldiers because the will never see their families again. Then the families because they had just lost their son, father, husban, borther, est. I felt some ander (P.O.) because the Jappenes were killing the Americans.

Comment Posted by: Joe Winters at 07:06:44 AM on 03/05/2010

During the movie I felt two emotions, pride and sadness. Firct, i felt pride because even though the soldiers knew that they might die during the war, they still had the pride to fight for their countries. Some of the soldiers might look at it as, the enemy killing me, one person, who is defending a million americans, versus the enemy killing our population or taking over. I also felt sadness because war is not a good thing to start with. But then you add in the stress that any soldier has to go through when he sees a fellow soldier or friend die and also when they kill the enemy, who are actually just other human beings trying to do the same thing that they are. Also I felt bad for the soldiers that were paraded around our country as figures that would raise money. The reason they were paraded around is because the press only got half of the story and only published what they knew would sell.

Comment Posted by: Cory Wilson at 11:12:53 PM on 03/04/2010

After watching the end of the movie i feel a sence of pride and how the men that servived the war would honor the dead. Say that the real hero is the people that died. No matter what happened during war the solders will not remember what they did but how they truely were.

Comment Posted by: Regan McG at 10:53:12 PM on 03/04/2010

I felt alot of anger and sadness at the end of Flags of our Fathers. I was angered because there were so many deaths, and people watched their friends die right in front of them. Which also made me sad, because I can't imagine seeing that. Also for everybody that died, It meant that their family was going to suffer from it. So when you look at the death toll, That is alot of families being effected. I also thought it was sad because they weren't treated well when they came home from war. Watching this movie has helped me better understand war, evennthough I will never fully understand it unless I go through it.

Comment Posted by: Ashley Pabis at 09:25:52 PM on 03/04/2010

Personally, I think the film did an okay job in describing the war but, we'll never actually know unless we're there. The film made me feel patriotic and yet disappointed that the soldiers that fought for our country were treated so poorly after the war.

Comment Posted by: Patrick Ly at 09:13:40 PM on 03/04/2010

This film has a way of almost enlightening the viewer. It shows the not so glorious side of war and battle. It shows how these soldiers are just your average Joe's from all paths of life just simply trying to help one common cause. It really shows how it is the things a soldier WERE NOT ordered to do in the midst of combat that they would remember the most. That it was more a fight to help the brothers in arms next to you and not just a fight to kill the enemy.

Comment Posted by: Samantha Currie at 08:58:40 PM on 03/04/2010

The film Flags of Our Fathers, directed by Clint Eastwood, evoked a range of emotions. Clearly, war has been practically inevitable since the beginning of time, yet I feel that it is a very irrational philosophy for solving problems. It promotes hatred between two or more countries or cultures and obliterates all lines of respect and trust between the opposing sides. Not only that, but it also is a huge waste of human energy, intelligence, and technology. Unfortunately war is a part of human nature and not all differences can be respected or solved through diplomatic means. The fact that whole societies have a hard time accepting each other’s differences in ideology and culture leaves me to feel very disgruntled. It fills my heart with grief to even think that the people being killed have friends and families. I would hate to see the look on the face of the deceased soldier’s mother, father, or child when they find out that their loved one is now nothing more than a memory. Even those who are fortunate, or unfortunate, enough to survive the war have to face the detrimental aftermath and the awful memories of their endeavors in Iwo Jima will remain deep within their psyche for the rest of their lives.

Comment Posted by: Caitlin Terwilliger at 08:41:07 PM on 03/04/2010

---- Original Message ----
After watching the film, I am left undecided. I feel somewhat angry at how neither the Americans or the Japanese thought of each other as people, just as a target. When we are at war with another country we only think about how to gain, how to be the ones that are right, when in reality we should be trying to fix the problems. It is alot like highschool, instead of dealing with the problem at hand kids just get into fights which solves nothing. I also feel happy to know that when we need to, our country comes together and we are all patriotic. Its good to know that even if it doesn't seem like it, we really are all together no matter how different we are from each other. I think every one felt pride when the Americans won a battle, saddness when our men died, and angry when the soldiers were tricked.

Comment Posted by: Zach Krugman at 08:34:14 PM on 03/04/2010

When we were watching this movie it made me mad because people wern't respectful to the troops that returned home. They treated them even worse when the war was over. They went over seas and fought for this country and put their live on the line and the were just another peron wanting a job when it was all said and done. Im not going to say what they were fighting for was totaly right, but it was their lives on the line and they at least deserve a little decency.

Comment Posted by: Tori VanEtten at 04:43:15 PM on 03/04/2010

Flags of Our Fathers made me realize that I have lots of respect for the soldiers that are currently fighting in the military and all of the things that they do for our country. This film shows everything that these brave men go through in war. They all suffer so much pain phsically like fighting in the war as well as mentally like the psychological battles some soldiers face once they return home. They go through so much and risk everything for others and for their country. It's really upsetting to think, that after all they have done, some don't even consider themselves as heroes. I am proud of every single soldier for performing acts of heroism during war. Truly, they all are heroes in my eyes.

Comment Posted by: Marissa Cussins at 01:36:52 PM on 03/04/2010

After watching this film it left me with mixed emotions. At times i found myself questioning why we ever have war. To why we would want to put our whole lives on hold to be killed, including other nations mortifies me. But thinking back into reality, this film left me with happiness for our american justice. It shows that we fight for what we believe in and we don't let up our pride. War is never an easy thing to deal with and watching this film showed all of the hardships.

Comment Posted by: Brock DeKoning at 11:25:46 AM on 03/04/2010

This film has tapped into the hearts and soals of many viewers. especially me, does that make me less manly? I think not. but anyway this film showed us not even 10% of what kind of stuff that goes on. it brings tears, joy, and more tears and all in 10% of the grussome stuff then i dont want to see the other 90%.

Comment Posted by: Jon Price at 09:23:12 PM on 03/03/2010

Watching the film I have two specific emotions that I experienced. I felt sadness and anger while watching the film. I felt sadness because of all the deaths and stress that came with the war.I also felt sadness because in the back of my mind when citizens were cheering for the war and for the americans they don't realize the other side of the coin over in Japan and the lives that are going to be taken.I felt anger in the film because I felt that some people were using the soldiers for publicity after their return when they should be helping them cope with their emotions.

Comment Posted by: Alyssa Van Cise at 07:43:35 PM on 03/03/2010

Honestly, I think war is pointless. It causes the same hurt and pain on both sides so what is really won? Too many people are killed and unable to fullfill their lives, especially when they go in at the age of 18. It is depressing to see people losing their family members when it could be avoided. Can't we all just get along??

Comment Posted by: Jonni Noga at 07:40:51 PM on 03/03/2010

I am both sad and angered by this movie, I am sad because i feel for all those famlies who lost one of their loved ones to a tragic heroic death, I am anger because the native american was not served at the bar because of a law, If i was denied because of my nastionality i to would cause a fight.

Comment Posted by: Cara Callahan at 07:40:25 PM on 03/03/2010

After watching this film, I had many emotions. Of course I was sad because of all the deaths and how they had to watch their friends die in front of them. Also it caused anger in me because of the way the soldiers were treated when they arrived back home, I see it as being very disrespectful and I have a lot more respect for our veterans and for the ones fighting for us currently. This movie was a very good example for putting war in perspective for us.

Comment Posted by: Rachael Swank at 07:37:33 PM on 03/03/2010

During this film you can not help but to feel many different emotions all at once. Some of these emotions being pride, because when you actually take a moment to realize this, these soldiers have committed themselves to serving the country. So it shows happiness and commitment that theses soldiers had provided in order to protect love ones, and fight for the land that they love. Also throughout the movie you feel a lot of sadness, and this is a tear jerker because as you see the fighting going on and you see soldiers dieing you know that the soldier is someone’s loved one, and those are also friends or relatives to others. To me this is very emotional, to see someone go out and fight for their country, knowing that death could be the outcome , but they are willing to take that sacrifice in order to fight serve there country. As I watch a movie like this I can not help but feel proud of everyone who has served, and they all deserve respect for how much they have done.

Comment Posted by: matt clarke at 01:14:45 PM on 03/03/2010

I feel like the soldiers that played the role in the movie were trying to be the best they could and be heroes to the American people. I feel like they tryed to do this and in the end, in their minds they did not feel like heroes, I feel like they should and should not at the same time. They should because they faught for our contry but they also killed many men. I feel bad because of the things the men had to do and see while at war.

Comment Posted by: Brandon Mayes at 01:08:16 PM on 03/03/2010

The movie made me feel like i should apreciate what the people who died did for our country and makes me want to never forget it.

Comment Posted by: Alan winnie at 12:05:56 PM on 03/03/2010

Throughout the whole movie the soldiers that raised the flag were thought as heros, nothing else matter to the american people.By the end of the movie it all change.They werent so much heros anymore and had things given to them. They were denied jobs, treated unfairly and disrespected. Im angered at this because of what those men did for this country and how people treated them afterwords. They didnt deserve that, they deserved loyalness from the people of this country and should of earned their respect after what they did for them.

Comment Posted by: Ariel Frayer at 11:40:59 AM on 03/03/2010

I feel that the men should have told the truth about the womens son. I'm sad and confused on how the people treated the soliders like heros one minute and like dirt the next. It don't matter when the went to war the will always be heros for risking there life to go to war for their country.

Comment Posted by: Kaitlyn Wescott at 11:15:39 AM on 03/03/2010

The film has produced many feelings for me. I can't really say anger because both sides are going through the same thing, so you can't be mad at one side and not the other. Sadness is a major factor though because many soldiers are getting hurt and killed. Many families have to lose someone they love because of war. I believe one of the reasons the film bothers me so much is because my uncle is in war and I get scared and worried everytime he has to leave. It's hard letting a loved one go off to war. The soldiers that go off to war, are there to defend our country, I show all my respect to all the men and women that go over seas to war.

Comment Posted by: Laura Burke at 09:03:56 AM on 03/03/2010

I feel sad about the way the soldiers were treated after the war. Some of the soldiers were denied jobs and were treated with disrespect. It was sad how the native american was poorly treated because of his nationality.He was disrespected by his own culture and by Americans. He died a lonley death and it doesnt seem right.

Comment Posted by: Hillary Willig at 08:28:36 AM on 03/03/2010

My feelings towards this film are all over the place. There were the ups and downs. I think that it showed alot of emotions. Some things throughout the movie were a little upsetting but its life and those type of things happen. People just dont get to see and do the things that the soldiers do. And this film is a perfect example of the things that they go through.

Comment Posted by: Mike Trussell at 07:45:18 AM on 03/03/2010

In the movie i learned alot about the american solider, they just didnt wanna be heros.. they were like any other human, what they had to go threw and deal with on the island was terriable. i know for sure i could stand looking someone in the eyes before they were about to die, and knowing that they are counting on me to save there life..

Comment Posted by: Loghan Guiles at 08:29:34 PM on 03/02/2010

After watching the film, I feel many emotions. I feel sadness for the soldiers who were out there fighting, the ones who made it out alive, and the ones who unfortunately did not. They were doing a great thing; they were serving their country for their loved ones at home. You can not help but to feel sad about the deaths that took place, and the aftershock that the surviving soldiers faced. I also feel pride. I do not see how someone can watch this movie and not feel some sort of pride. How can you not be proud? You get to witness exactly how these soldiers lived and how they felt, and it's like you are there with them through everything. The movie does a great job at making you aware, and making you feel the sadness and pride that the soldiers themselves felt.

Comment Posted by: K Pryslopski at 03:35:52 PM on 03/02/2010

I had a feeling of sadness for the people who lost their lives and for their familys beacuse they lost someone close.

Comment Posted by: Amber Stafford at 02:10:42 PM on 03/02/2010

Throughout the film I had different emotions. I felt sad for the ones who had lost friends during battle. I felt proud of those who continued fighting regardless of their own emotions. Also, I felt sad for those who lost family members during the battle.

Comment Posted by: Kevin Childs at 01:08:41 PM on 03/02/2010

I feel like the men that came home because they put up the flag is not fair amd they should still be at war. People are dying there and they put up an american flag and got to come home.

Comment Posted by: Ingrid Nelson at 01:05:57 PM on 03/02/2010

This movie made me feel like i should apprecaite our country more and the things our vertrains had to go through,and the physical and mental hardships they faced. in a way i think thaat people arnt glorifyed in the war enough , everyday we mostly hear on the news all the bad things thats happend the deaths,explosions all that,I think we should be hearing more about the good things we acomplished and try to keep out family members and supports back home uplifted.

Comment Posted by: Jessica Keenan at 09:05:56 AM on 03/02/2010

After watching Flags of Our Father, I have more respect for those who serve in the military. The film did a very good job providing an insight to what exactly these men go through on a daily basis, as well as all the pain they suffer both phsically and mentally. They go through so much and risk everything for others and for their country. It is sad to think, that after all they have done, some might not even view themselves as heroes. I am proud of all they have done and think they deserve the utmost respect. They truly are heroes.

Comment Posted by: Dieter Treusdell aka deep fried socks at 02:44:50 PM on 03/01/2010

---- Original Message ----
This Film has not really made me proud in anyway. I am thankful for all the people represented the movie that gave there lives for this country. This movie exposes alot of truths that the majority of Americans never knew. War is more than battle it has an affect on everyone in the country not just the soldiers. I feel angry that the real hereos were not honored in the way they should have been even when the fake heroes confessed. The government was only interested in the money not in who deserved credit and gave there lives.