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Title: Final Blog on Film Perspective
Category: Perspective Through Film
Description: Longer Blog

After viewing the films or reading the two pieces of assigned literature, please use these perspective pieces to comment on something that you have re-thought and can now see "the other side" of (You answer cannot involve war).  This blog will be counted as an exam grade and will be calculated as a percentage with a highest possible score of 100%.  Please formulate an answer of, at least 5 sentences, and remember appropriate writing skills are expected.

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Comment Posted by: Kevin Childs at 08:05:19 AM on 03/12/2010

After watching these movies I think that there isn’t any difference between the two groups. I have a lot more respect for both sides sense watching the movies. Both groups had the same feelings about death and pride for their own countries. They were willing to risk everything for a common goal.

Comment Posted by: Pat Wilson at 08:02:32 AM on 03/12/2010

After viewing both films it really made me see that there was really no difference between the two and what they were fighting for. Both groups of people were fighting for their countries. They all had a common enemy and were looking to help protect the rights not just of themselves but of their country men. Both groups had all the same fears of war and everything that was involved with it this made them similar in many ways.

Comment Posted by: Zach Robbins at 07:56:46 AM on 03/12/2010

In school it seems that the policy is that you are guilty untill proven innocent. Many teachers do not listen to children's sides of the story because they find them not beleivable. From our point of view not every student is the same. But from theirs some students do lie and try to get away with almost anything. It is an argument that will never be won, almost as pointless as the battle at Iwojima.

Comment Posted by: Nathaniel Kasper at 07:44:34 AM on 03/12/2010

After viewing the two films, my perspective kind of changed. When one person has their own side to the story and it may seem correct. It also may lead to the right decision but there is always the opposing side. The opposing side may be just as moral and just as the other. Considering one side of the situation may be right, doesnt always mean that the other side is wrong. Each side has their own reasons and conclusions, but most of the time only one can come out on top.

Comment Posted by: Michael Trussell at 07:24:18 AM on 03/12/2010

after wacthing these two fils i now can get an idea of why my parents want me to not go out and party. whenever they would say something i never really listened to it, but how dramtic the fils were got me thinking... that i have to start looking at the situation from there point of view instead mine, becasue they want me to be succesful. they dont want me to end up drinking and driving and putting my life on the line.

Comment Posted by: Joe Winters at 07:17:10 AM on 03/12/2010

Now that I saw both movies I re-thought how I want people to vote on Alternative-C. Instead of just looking at it from the students side, I came to understand some of the facts that the other side was bringing up. This is a big issue for us and we need to do what is best for our community, and if that involves approving Alternative-C then we have to do it. The population is dwindling in Corning and Painted Post and maybe a better school system will change that, I just don't want a huge decision like that to come back and bite us in the ass... My opinion still stands as to vote no on Alternative-C, but if it will improve education for students to come then pass it.

Comment Posted by: Loghan Guiles at 06:57:41 AM on 03/12/2010

The movies helped me to realize that you should not judge people before you get to know them. Yes, everyone is different, but someone who may seem like your complete opposite may have more in common with you than you know. If you just instantly say no you definitely will not like this person because they seem different, you may be missing out. If you just give these other people a chance, they could end up changing your life for the good. They may just turn out to be one of the best people that you will ever meet. The old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," really does have an important meaning, and is a lesson that you can learn after watching these two films.

Comment Posted by: Kal Gossett at 06:28:57 AM on 03/12/2010

There is always two sides to any story. imagine yiur in a movie theater and the film cuts out half way through, the natural reaction is for everybody to get up and rush out of the theater and start yelling and causing ditraction to the employees until their movie is fixed. In their eyes they are not doing anything wrong they are just trying to get their moneys worth, they dont think about how they are disturbing other paying customers with their overreacting nonsense. Then you have the side of the employee, now in some cases the employee may not be doing everything in their power to do their job at 100% but for the person upstairs that is trying to fix whatever happened to the film is giving it their all and is sweating with frustration and nervousness straight down to the bone. Then the employees that are in the customers eyesight are the ones getting disturbed with one after another distractions of people coming up to them and complaining and even somtimes the same person will come back twice even though we said " it takes time you'll just have to set in your seat and wait we are very sorry for the interrupted movie". You may always think you are doing the right thing, but whatever you do you always have to try and see it through the other persons eyes.

Comment Posted by: Ashley P at 11:41:32 PM on 03/11/2010

I believe that there is another side to every story. I believe that no matter what the situation that each side deserves to be told and respected, never put down. The films made me rethink my perspective about these “other sides”. A person is a person no matter big or small, what color their skin is, what gender they are, and/or how they were raised. That person has a family just like we do nothing different. They mean the same to their family as we do to ours. Just because their a little different doesn’t make them not human. They feel pain, anger, sadness, happiness, joy and every other emotion out there just as we do. Don’t judge someone just because of what they’ve been raised to do or how they’ve been taught. I’m willing to bet my life that none of us have done anything perfect so why act like we are?

Comment Posted by: Ben Mitchell at 11:32:48 PM on 03/11/2010

Before I worked at Wegmans I used to get frustrated when it took the workers forever to get your stuff. Now working there I see that there are a lot of things going at once that can cause a lot of different problems. Such as shipments might be late, they might not send us the stuff we order, if we have to go get a new product for them. Customers get so mad at us when most of the time it’s not our fault. I have seen it from both sides so now when I go to any store I have a more patience and understanding on what might be taking them so long.

Comment Posted by: at 10:50:24 PM on 03/11/2010

Angela Peterson- In the films the Flags of our Fathers; Letters from Iwo Jima, they were both overwhelming to watch. It makes your emotions go up in the air and think twice about what's happening and what has happened to the soldiers families. Any man who sacrifices his life deserves respect it just depends on who is good and bad. The way some of the men were treated in the films was not completely necessary and to watch how they died was even worse after being treated so poorly. When looking back at history and all the hard times that soldiers went through before even entering war was bad enough and all the mothers that lost their sons will help people look at the world with new eyes and realize how tough it was. Not all superheroes are in comic books and cartoons, it's the ones you love that fight for your country.

Comment Posted by: Zach Krugman at 10:38:55 PM on 03/11/2010

After watching both of these films I now have a new prospective on what society as a whole went through during hard times. No one would ever see what the other side has to go through when the are also in a time of hardship. No one ever thinks about what they are doing or who they are hurting. Their only consern is that they are going to be ok and they are comfortable in their own homes. I think everyone needs to just slow down and think about what they are really doing and whats going to happen in the long run. If people slowed down and thought about what they were really doing everyone could just get along.

Comment Posted by: Cara Callahan at 10:31:17 PM on 03/11/2010

After watching the two films, I can now see the “other side” of many different situations. The biggest situation is abortion. I used to be fully against abortion but now I realize everyone lives a different life and we don’t know what other people have gone though. I was so against abortion because I though it was unfair to just take a life of a baby with having no control over it, but now I can see that some parents are actually doing this for the better of the child. If they know that they aren’t going to be able to take care of it and doesn’t want the child to grow up with different parents I could understand because the mother of that child could have been a foster baby who had a very rough life with their “new” parents. There are always two sides to every story and you should understand both sides before judging.

Comment Posted by: Marissa Cussins at 09:57:12 PM on 03/11/2010

After viewing the films my prospective about how life can be lived has changed. Watching these two films made me reevaluate how precious life can be. I got to see a different side of life in these films and it made me appreciate everything that I have now. These films showed all of the hardships and if I were to put myself in their shoes, it would be extremely hard to cope with. This showed me their confidence and reminded me to always stay confident. The film opened my eyes and made me understand to appreciate the little things. As simple as saying thank you in return can make someone's day. These films gave me a positive outlook on how to cherish life completely.

Comment Posted by: Matt Clarke at 09:45:41 PM on 03/11/2010

Somthing that I can now see the other side of, is if you were to get in an argument with your parents about something, say going to hang out with your friends before doing all your homework. You would think it's stupid because you can always do it later and you're not worried about it. So then you get upset at your parents because they have messed up your plans. However your parents are just thinking about your education and they want you to succeed and get good grades. Because without good grades you wont get into a good school. And if you are to realize where you're parents are coming from than maybe it will make more sense to you.

Comment Posted by: Brittany Taylor at 09:18:13 PM on 03/11/2010

These two movies made me re-think about the other side/the other persons views when I was fighting with them. These fights where about something stupid and not very important now, but at the time they did seem to be important. I now think I have seen there side of the fight and possibly there reason of fighting. They could of been thinking I was doing something wrong and trying to point that but I wouldn't listen or something like that. And they probably got frustrated and stressed out, hence the reason why we fought. I probably thought they were just trying to pick a fight.

Comment Posted by: Kate Breslin at 09:05:32 PM on 03/11/2010

Everyone has a different perspective on everything, it does not matter what it is or who you are arguing it with. I argue with my mom a lot, about everything really. When we get into little arguments, we banter back and fourth until I can not up hold my argument anymore and see her outlook, or until she see my point of view on the subject.

Comment Posted by: Samantha Currie at 07:59:08 PM on 03/11/2010

Ever since I was young, pencil has never been my writing utensil of choice. Pen has always been my sole companion when writing. I even once believed that there can only be room for one writing utensil in my world and my heart, and that would always be pen. The day that I became acquainted with the Scantron was one of the most memorable days of my life. I was in the first grade and it was my first time taking a multiple choice test with a bubble sheet. The only writing utensil aloud to be used on this test was pencil. This news immediately angered me, and I felt that I was being punished for no reason. As I contemplated my future I came to a realization; if I do not use a #2 pencil on this test, then I will automatically fail. As a result of my actions, I received a perfect grade on this test. After this experience I learned a very important lesson. My elders were not joking when they stressed the importance of “giving everything a chance.” Even though I am not going to like everything I try, I can only know for sure if I try it. Even though to this day I still prefer writing in pen over writing in pencil, I have learned that both utensils serve a very significant role in the world of writing utensils.

Comment Posted by: Hannah Peck at 07:27:29 PM on 03/11/2010

The films made me realize that in every situation there is two or more points of view. For example the topic of gun control. Some feel that because we have the constitutional right to bear arms, and laws are already too strict. Others feel that laws aren't strict enough. This contraversy is one that has come into play in my life, and I feel that those with the proper education and understanding of guns and the consequences that could come from them should be allowed to have guns. But those who walk into a gun shop off the street with no background knowlege wanting a fire arm shouldn't be allowed to purchase one. But if laws become stricter to prevent the wrong people from obtaining guns, the process of getting them for people who understand the circumstances surrounding them will become more difficult. One side has the opinion of why punish the group for the mistakes of one person. The other side says because the wrong people were able to obtain guns, lives were lost, damaged, and destroyed. These films have made me see these sides clearer, and appreciate both oppinions.

Comment Posted by: Hannah Peck at 07:27:29 PM on 03/11/2010

The films made me realize that in every situation there is two or more points of view. For example the topic of gun control. Some feel that because we have the constitutional right to bear arms, and laws are already too strict. Others feel that laws aren't strict enough. This contraversy is one that has come into play in my life, and I feel that those with the proper education and understanding of guns and the consequences that could come from them should be allowed to have guns. But those who walk into a gun shop off the street with no background knowlege wanting a fire arm shouldn't be allowed to purchase one. But if laws become stricter to prevent the wrong people from obtaining guns, the process of getting them for people who understand the circumstances surrounding them will become more difficult. One side has the opinion of why punish the group for the mistakes of one person. The other side says because the wrong people were able to obtain guns, lives were lost, damaged, and destroyed. These films have made me see these sides clearer, and appreciate both oppinions.

Comment Posted by: Kaitlyn Wescott at 07:15:37 PM on 03/11/2010

The Corning Painted Post School District has come out with a new idea for the schools. Instead of having so many different school combine them so there are less. At first I thought that it wasn't the best idea. One reason many people are saying no is because of sports. East and West are huge rivals and have been for a very long time. The East/West games are what most athletes look forward to. There are some teams that are already combined. After I heard the other side of the story, I decided that it wouldn't be such a bad thing if the schools combined. Not only would it make many things easier but it would also help save money. People would have to pay less for schooling and other things. The schools that we have now are not in the best condition. If this plan went through the schools would be fixed up so they would be better for the students and staff. This plan that I originally thought was a bad idea, could actually turn out to be something very good. There's always two sides to something.

Comment Posted by: Rachael Swank at 07:14:30 PM on 03/11/2010

Often when people think about situations like war we do not think about the other side because it does not personally involve us. However there are many other situations in life that can also be looked at very one sided. I believe this is because at the time we don’t care about anything but what we want. I as human beings we all admittedly try to have things our way. Truly how often do people actually stop and think about the other perspective of a situation? Well there is a particular situation in which I now see the other side of just because I stopped and realized why it was important and that there was a purpose for having to do it. This situation I am referring to being the 5 hour driving course. This is the situation I now see the other side of because at the time I was so excited to get my license, and I had already been driving and I felt like I had known what I needed to so why would I have to take such a long course and waste my time? Well after taking the course I came out of it with a lot more knowledge the I had prior to it. So this experience made me look from a whole different perspective and realize that there was a purpose behind taking it and that it was going to benefit me in the end.

Comment Posted by: Ingrid Nelson at 05:38:35 PM on 03/11/2010

These poignant films present the incredible power of strong personal conviction; a firm belief and position. Regardless of all other factors that are involved in a polarizing situation, the heartfelt views that an individual holds sacred are all that matters. Strong convictions give purpose, provide guidance and create an ironclad will within the individual that ultimately reigns supreme over all other outside factors and circumstances. By maintaing an objective perspective, the pieces viewed allow the spectator to witness the amazing power of strong personal beliefs. The events that unfolded during the presentation were not simply a case of right versus wrong or good against evil. These events resulted from a clash of convictions.

Comment Posted by: Amber Stafford at 02:19:42 PM on 03/11/2010

Something I have realized that has two different views is the preps and the geeks. Preps feel more confident in there selves and they like the attention that other people give them. Geeks on the other hand would feel better if they weren’t the center of attention. Also, geeks would rather have a small group of friends that they’re close with then a large group. Preps like the larger groups cause then they get more attention.

Comment Posted by: Caitlin Terwilliger at 01:50:29 PM on 03/11/2010

After watching the films, I have been able to see the other side of an argument. When kids fight with a best friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend or a parent they only want to see their side. No one ever wants to be told they are wrong. I have seen that listening and having an open mind is much more useful, it will get you farther in life. Being ignorant won't help anyone in life. Even if you don't agree with someone else's point of view doesn't mean they are wrong. Hear them out, they might make you change your mind. Thinking with a narrow mind, will only hurt you, you can learn a lot about other people if you let their ideas/issues be understood.

Comment Posted by: tim diederich at 12:59:07 PM on 03/11/2010

I learned from the movies that peoples' enemies are not as differnt as they think. In many cases that are just like the person they fight with. Everyside has a reason why they are doing what thay are doing. just because a person is different doesn't mean that they are bad. Many times people are just misunderstood and if people just look at the other side of something then maybe then people would treat others the way they would want to be treated.

Comment Posted by: Alyssa Van Cise at 12:49:13 PM on 03/11/2010

Something that I have thought about after watching both films is that everything has two sides. Every story has two sides. In high school there are a lot of stories that go around. The problem is that usually people only hear one side of those stories and never take into account that there is another side to it. Every rumor has atleast two people involved and each person has their own opinion and stance in it. One version of it can be completely different from the other. It is basically impossible to get the whole picture by hearing only one perspective.

Comment Posted by: Tori VanEtten at 12:30:37 PM on 03/11/2010

How’s Your Perspective and Perception? Do you see things from only one side? In reality there is usually more than one side or perspective to every story for example. With there being many sides to a story, all of them have some truth because they are viewed from different perspectives and each "receiver" picks up different details. People perceive things differently. What you might see as wrong, I see as perfectly normal; this causes our stories to be distorted. There is one story (view) from each participant or witness to an occurrence. No one sees things exactly the same. For instance, when I was 12 years old (the 6th grade) I wanted a cell phone like all of the other kids that started getting phones. I wanted to be able to call and text my friends. Having a cell phone at that age would have just made me feel so responsible and so much older. Yet, my mom was not ok with this. In her opinion, I was too young. After having a cell phone for a week, she thought I would lose it somewhere or just break it. My mom and I didn't agree on a lot of things. That didn't make either of us wrong though. We both just had two different opinions.

Comment Posted by: Aja Gosper at 12:09:17 PM on 03/11/2010

This is something that every kid has done and some kids still do it, it doesn’t just happen in school people do this in the every day world. They talk when other people are talking like a teacher trying to give a lesson or a business man trying to give a presentation people will be on their phones or talking to their neighbor. I have “seen the other side” when I have to present a project in class and I see someone on their phone, also when I go to the elementary school and teach the class and I see kids talking and not evening listening. So I understand when teachers or any one that is trying to give a presentation get stressed or upset when people are talking to their neighbor or texting on their phone. It’s rude for people to do that as well. I think people text or talk to their neighbor because they think the teacher can’t see them or can’t hear them. I have done this to my teacher’s and I have “seen the other side.”

Comment Posted by: Jessica Keenan at 09:10:25 AM on 03/11/2010

Most people are stubborn these days. They have an idea, and they stand by it, failing to take the views of others into consideration. For me, this would be the ever so controversial issue of the death penalty. I feel that it is wrong and in no way justifiable. I feel very strongly about this, which often causes me to ignore others thoughts on the topic. After watching the films Flags of Our Fathers, and Letters from Iwo Jima, I realize how important it is to take a look at the other side and see both perspectives. I can now understand why some people are in favor of the death penalty. Giving someone the death penalty provides the family and friends of victims a sense of closure. They know that the person that may have killed or hurt their loved one can not do this to anyone else. To most people, this would mean a lot. While myself, and many others might feel the death penalty is wrong, there are valid reasons behind the feelings of those in favor if it and they should be considered by all.

Comment Posted by: Rochelle Horton at 08:17:38 AM on 03/11/2010

These two pieces have changed my views on everything I thought before. I really don't get why the Japanese fought till they die. If they don't die but the war is over will they keep fighting. I don't really get their religion. Watching the second movie made me realize how much we really don't understand other people until you finally get to know them and understand them. This made my eyes open to the fact that some people who don't dress like others and act differently have a reason to be that way. Yea, some people may just do it because they want to but some actually can't dress different. They may actually have a bad home life or may not even have a home life. You should be able to be friends with someone no matter what they look, dress, act or smell like. People are calm and good friends if you just take the time and look past everything else to make a friend.

Comment Posted by: Brock "The Sandman" DeKoning at 11:33:33 AM on 03/10/2010

The thing I now saw the other side of is "a job." When i was younger, I thought that work was for smart people who wanted to make a quick buck. Now, that I am a working man...I see how people who struggle to pay bills ned jobs more then we do.I want to keep my job but they need to get a job, this is unfair that thety will say that they will work for food, but instead of money... we give them food. If they will work hard for food...I cant imagin how hard they will work for money. Anyway i guess your done reading this blog so...PEACEOUT BOYSCOUT!!!

Comment Posted by: Megan Y Preston at 11:30:26 AM on 03/10/2010

Between these two sides they have there same and there differents. The same is when each side has to go to war and to leave there famalies to die for there country.the different side is when the japanes solders give up the two american soilder kill them because they dont want to stand around with them.for the japanes side they shot the soilder but them they tried to save him. I dont think that each side meant todo any harm of the other all they wanted was the island.

Comment Posted by: Kathleen Ribble at 10:18:07 AM on 03/10/2010

Well first of all i don't see why we have war... everyone look's at peace differently. For Example we americans fight for our country but we don't expect our soliders to kill themselves in the honor of our country. The Japenese committed suicide because they thought it was the honorable thing to do and that they would be called a hero. Just because the otherside of thw world doesn't consider our peace right and we don't consider them having peace, doesn't mean its wrong. I think that everyone should look at things differently in different perspectives go to a different angle or the others point of veiw you might agree with them after you realize why they are saying what they say.i learned alot from both of these peices especially looking at how different te world thinks it shows that we all have differnt minds and no one is perfect, also that not everyone is the same.

Comment Posted by: Ariel Frayer at 09:25:57 AM on 03/10/2010

People have a different view on how the Japanese are feeling. They have feelings and family to the are just like us but they are a different race. Just because someones not like dont mean they should be treated any differently. I understand that its hard for everyone to go through things just cause your not american dont mean you dont have real feelings or real hardships. No matter what race religion or country you are or come from people are people and should be treated as such.

Comment Posted by: Laura Burke at 09:15:05 AM on 03/10/2010

As a child I had a best friend but do to her fathers actions I can no longer see her on a regular basis because she now lives far away. Her father was always there for here when she needed someone to talk to. He would come to school when she got into trouble. He was very supportive and protective to her. I would always go over to her house and the three of us would do things together like go to a movie or go to the park. They spent a lot of time together. They would always go on walks, they would go shopping together, and the would cook and eat dinner together. I thought she was lucky to have a dad like him, but I was wrong. I one day got a phone call from her and she was in tears. She said she was in foster care. She told me her dad left for work one day and didn't come back. She had no food or money to get food. She wasn't feeling good so she call 911. They sent an ambulance to her appartment and took her to the hospital. While there they did and ultrasound and found out she was pregnant. It was then that she said her dad had raped her. They put her in foster care and she had a baby boy. Her dad is serving 10 to 15 years in prison. It just blows my mind what people can do to others.

Comment Posted by: Jon Bagg at 08:43:29 AM on 03/10/2010

Changing the perspective is a really important thinkg to be able to do in life. One can't just make a decission without seeing both sides of the argument. When buying a video game console, you can't make a decision on one thing alone, you have to look at the positive, and negative of the console, and it's competition. you can't just say "i'm going to buy a PS3 because it has a blue-ray player!" or "I'm going to get a 360 because it has Netflix, and facebook!". You have to look at both sides. Sure PS3, and 360 are both great things, but you can't just decide bbased on one thing.

Comment Posted by: Dieter Treusdell aka pat wilson wears a onesy at 02:23:26 PM on 03/09/2010

I have played Lacrosse and Football for a long time but one sport i never really had much respect for was track. I always considered it more of a social event to the majority of people who did it. After attending my first track meet earlier this year i see that some people really do take it seriously and was really impressed at some of the things i saw. I never considered running to really be a sport more like a hobby. After attending the meet i have a new found apreciation for track and i now consider a sport when before i thought it was more of an activity. I never really understood why people liked the sport but after watching i can see its very competitive and alot of hard work.

Comment Posted by: Mykal Schoonover at 12:22:01 PM on 03/09/2010

During the films with Japan and American soldiers, their were misunderstandings and many differences of opinion on both sides. Taking in to consideration of how many people think about others and their beliefs. For example, during the battle of Iwo Jima both sides thought the other were barbarians. But, after capturing some of them they begin to understand that their not so different. I now see that many people are misunderstood and usually our emotions get in the way of seeing the bigger picture.

Comment Posted by: K Pryslopski at 08:21:51 PM on 03/08/2010

I now see that there is two sides to every story. Every situation has two sides the side that might be for the situation and the side against it. To understand a situation you need to hear both sides to know whats going on. If you just pick a side without hearing both sides you might pick the wrong side for you. If you hear both sides in some cases you might find a way to fix the situation other than the two given.

Comment Posted by: Alan Winnie at 01:00:37 PM on 03/08/2010

Recently in P.I.G we have been talking about social issues. One was same sex marriage. By viewing the films it makes me see both sides of the pros and cons for same sex marriage. The people that are for it say that by not getting it is agaisnt their constitutional right. The people that are against it say that for kids wise need a mother and a father to be grown up right. People that dont have a mother and father are easily hurt by not having the other.By viewing both sides, both of them are right.Yes they should be allowed to get married and the people agaisnt it does have a good point but not all of them want to adopt children. Both sides could be right but have diffrent views by seeing the film makes me see both sides diffrently in same sex marriage.

Comment Posted by: Jonni Noga at 09:52:11 AM on 03/08/2010

My Boyfriends brother got a girlfriend and, I was happy for him and i asked if I could meet her well he let me meet her and I thought she was cool someone I could talk to. Well she ended up lying to me about somthing she did. And just recentaly I was at my boyfriends house, and she was there and asked her mom if she could over there with me. But she texted her mom and said she was me and that we were staying at my house in corning. So her mom was going to call the cops on me. So now instead of being her friend I cant stand her, I dont talk to her and I dont text her. I think i made a good choice because I dont like when people make up lies about me.

Comment Posted by: Patrick Ly at 09:20:40 PM on 03/04/2010

After watching both films, a person really gets to see two true sides of one story. Things that you may think from one side of the story may change completely after seeing the other side. After seeing both sides a person may find them selves questioning who really is right and who's side to take. It really shows how much can go into a single event whether it be a simple fight between two people, or a fight between two nations. There are always more than one side to any single story.

Comment Posted by: Brittany Taylor at 08:06:20 PM on 03/04/2010

These films have me re-thought somethings. When your in a fight with someone, you may allernate the story so it looks like your the good person doing the right thing. When actually you are in the wrong. It's best to hear both sides of the story instead just one and assuming your helping for what is right.