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Title: Mr. Durfee's draft belief essay
Category: Student Writing

I believe that you must make time to do for yourself.

Life is full of responsibilities. That which you must do. That which cannot wait. That which is due now. These duties tend to increase with age. But I will state that truly you have only one duty in your life: the duty to be true to yourself. The struggle in life is to find the time to do whatever it is that makes you happy, that inspires you, that gives your life purpose. Without that as a focal point--as a target to shoot toward--life becomes drudgery, a series of dreadful tasks. You end up going through the motions, finishing time on a sentence.

Now, this simple philosophy--to make the time to do what really empassions you--could be misinterpretted. This oculd be understood as a thorough and total disregard for all of the uncomfortable experiences in life. "Hey, forget school! I am doing what I want to do, and I want to sleep! I need rest for what I really want to do!" Ok, fine. But you must make decisions with a clear head; an education is an investment in your future, so avoid it or ignore it at your peril. I would love to stay home to wriet all day, but that is running a risk, too; if i do not receive an advance to finish writing a novel, how will I pay my bills? This question--how will I pay my bills?--weighs heavily on every amateur athlete who has suffered a career-ending injury. What do I do now? Suffice it to say that you must find a measured way to pursue your passions.

If you want to be good at anything in life you need, you must practice. LeBron and Kobe were blessed with physical gifts, but their games became dominant only after years of practice. the Beatles are a generation-spanning, international musical success, but they started as four lads playing 8-hours-a-night in dirty bars in Germany. Bill Gates is a billionaire, but he started as a geeky kid sneeking out of his parents house to write computer codes at the college lab in his hometown. If a guy has a story to tell, he better get his butt out of bed and work on telling it.

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