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Title: Podcast Script Review Questions
Category: Student Writing
Description: Here are some questions to help you edit your classmates' scripts!

Does the script include an introduction, short overview? If not, revisit the podcast handout and give advice about what the authors’ overview should include. 

Identify two passages of dialogue where the script can be revised for brevity, or conciseness. Remember the adage: “write tight.” Revisit your podcast handout for ideas about how to revise writing for conciseness. Suggest how the author’s could re-write their scripts for tighter writing.
Are all numbers written as words? If not identify all numbers that need to be written as words.
Are contractions used? Identify where the authors used contractions so that the can eliminate the contractions.
Does the script include a closing, a short “outro” or concluding bumper? If not, revisit the podcast handout and give advice about what their closing should include.
Does the script include which music will be used for an introduction, conclusion and during the podcast? If not, bring this to the attention of the authors.

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Comment Posted by: R P at 12:52:21 PM on 12/02/2010


Maegan and Chrissy- How to Make a Quesadilla (Script)
Chrissy: Hi there, welcome to Chrissy’s Kitchen. Today I will be teaching our guest Maegan Robbins how to cook some delicious quesadillas.
Maegan: Thanks for having me Chrissy. I’m so excited to learn how to make a quesadilla.
Chrissy: Great, let’s get started. We’ll begin by getting out the ingredients and utensils.
Maegan: Sounds good! What kind of things will we need to make our quesadilla?
Chrissy: Well, we need a pan, a stove, a spatula, a plate and a knife for utensils. For ingredients we need tortillas, cheese, chicken, butter and oil.
Maegan: What’s a tortilla? And can I add other ingredients if I want to?
Chrissy: A tortilla is a shell that is used to sandwich the fillings and it is made from corn meal or wheat flour. Of course you can add other ingredients if you want to the possibilities are unlimited, however, today we are only going to use chicken and cheese.
Maegan: Perfect. So what’s the first step to making our tasty meal?
Chrissy: First you need to spray the pan with cooking oil and then preheat the pan over medium- high heat.
Maegan: How much spray should we put on? And what is it for?
Chrissy: The spray is used to make sure the cheese doesn’t stick to the pan. We only need to add enough to line the pan.
Maegan: Okay, now that, that’s done, what’s the next step?
Chrissy: Let’s get out two tortillas and butter one side of each tortilla.
Maegan: We should probably only put a thin layer on right? What side should be facing up when we put it on the pan?
Chrissy: Yes, you only want a thin layer of butter which, along with the cooking spray, helps prevent the tortilla from sticking to the bottom of the pan. You should put the shell on the stove with the buttered side facing down. But before we place it on the stove we have to put our ingredients on the shell.
Maegan: There are so many options for things to put in the quesadilla!
Chrissy: That’s why quesadillas are so versatile! They can be made as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. But today we’ll just stick to chicken and cheese.
Maegan: Okay, so is there a certain process in filling the quesadilla?
Chrissy: There are no rules, sprinkle as much cheese as you want on it and then put as many pieces of precooked chopped up chicken you want on it as well. Then place the second tortilla shell on top with the buttered side facing up.
Maegan: Now we’re ready to cook it, right? How long should it take?
Chrissy: Right. Just place the quesadilla on the stove and check it every so often to make sure it hasn’t burnt. It should take about two minutes for the first side to turn golden brown.
Maegan: When it’s golden brown you flip it and do the same thing on the other side?
Chrissy: Yes. When the other side is also golden brown you want to turn off the heat and use a spatula to transfer the quesadilla from the stove to a plate.
Maegan: We should let it cool before we cut and eat it.
Chrissy: It shouldn’t take too long for it to cool, about three minutes is good. Then we cut it and enjoy our meal!
Maegan: It smells delicious! This is really a quick meal that is enjoyable for everyone.
Chrissy: It certainly is! It was great teaching you how to make it, thanks for joining me in today’s episode of Chrissy’s Kitchen!