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Title: Happiness
Category: Getting Started
Description: Happiness Reflection

Hello everyone,

I have got a quick video clip for you to watch.  Scroll down and watch it.  After watching it, please reflect on what it means to you.  Your reflection should go in the comment section.  Please cover, 1. What this clip means to you?  2. How does this clip connects to what we have been working on in class?  3.  Has anyone ever told you,  you could not accomplish your dream? If so how did you respond?  4. What is desirable about your future? (nothing isn't an option)

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Comment Posted by: C M at 09:44:00 AM on 06/04/2008

there were some other questions there acn you answer those as well?  i think your answer about the clip is true.  What do you want to go out and get?
---- Original Message ----
this clip means that YOU should go and get what YOU want

Comment Posted by: S B at 09:45:24 AM on 05/08/2008

That sounds good Sharod.  You can do whatever you put your mind to .  Good Luck

---- Original Message ----
do what u have to do and do it. yues my mother has. to get to all my goals

Comment Posted by: S P at 09:44:57 AM on 05/08/2008

Tell me about this cartoon.  Your comment to number 2, is that why you asked what we did in class?
---- Original Message ----
1)this clip reminds me of the cartoon NARUTO. 2)i can't remember what we were doing in class 3)no 4)in my future i will become a god of old. one that bemands many sacafices, and one that wont be meciful.

Comment Posted by: A G at 09:38:47 AM on 05/08/2008

That is great, but I want you to share your views.  
---- Original Message ----
minus the rn thing.

Comment Posted by: A G at 09:38:25 AM on 05/08/2008

i am seconding what jen said

Comment Posted by: S B at 09:38:23 AM on 05/08/2008

There are 3 othwer questions.
---- Original Message ----
that means not to let some one mess you u[p

Comment Posted by: C P at 09:37:00 AM on 05/08/2008

can you please answer the 4 questions.
---- Original Message ----
never c'n that movie

Comment Posted by: L R at 09:55:42 AM on 05/07/2008

That was wonderful LR.  Thanks for your thoughts.
---- Original Message ----
1)This clip means to me that his father tell his little boy to keep his head up and that never give up on nothing no matter how hard it is. If its a dream to do anything that is osible to get there because anything its posible.2)This connects to me because me and my others classmates have working on confidence we have to have that in life to make decisions during life time.3)Anybody havent told me that i can't make my dream come true, becaise if they do i am just going to respond them by saying that I will do anything to make it happent and that if i really want it i could get it if i want it to.4)What is important to my future? Huh!! My family its one, attitude, being confident of mydelf B/C i am not that kind of person that have a lot of confident so i still need to work on it. So basicly everybody that cares and love me. They are my future!!!!....

Comment Posted by: M H at 09:47:09 AM on 05/07/2008

... It was an attempt to encourage someone not to let others make him give up his dream or to doubt in it (I guess). I suppose it connects to what we've been doing in class by talking about self confidence in a way. No, and if someone has then, I don't remember. Your future is yours alone and no one elses, you choose your path by deciding on the choices you make. No oneelse can do it for you... ... I dunno.

Comment Posted by: B H at 09:44:54 AM on 05/07/2008

studying history and the supernatural

Comment Posted by: B H at 09:42:33 AM on 05/07/2008

yes and my responce was me being sad because I try but people acted like Idon't even care.

Comment Posted by: J F at 09:41:20 AM on 05/07/2008

This clip means that he is trying as hard as he can to rasie is kid. This connects beacuse he can be stressed out and has to find a way to deal with it. Nobody has every told me that they tell me to go with my dreams. I want to go to collage and become an nurse. i am going to get my RN. Then go to work at a hospital.

Comment Posted by: B H at 09:41:07 AM on 05/07/2008

that you shouldn't let others destroy your dreams and to never give up on those dreams.

Comment Posted by: D T at 09:40:17 AM on 05/07/2008

nothing really i dont know? Never Im ganna be a rapper

Comment Posted by: B H at 09:40:02 AM on 05/07/2008

a father telling his son to never give up.