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Title: What did you think?
Category: Getting Started
Description: Youth Seminar Evaluation

Hello everyone,

I am looking for feedback about Youth Seminar so far this year.  Please answer the question below to the best of your ability.

1. What was most helpful about the Youth Seminar?

2. What was least helpful about the Youth Seminar?

3. Identify what you liked and didn't like about the out of the room projects?

-Self-Esteem power point

-Photography in the Art room

-Zen Gardens in the Art room

4. What could have made these experiences even better?

5. Give me one original idea of how we could use blogging for the remander of the year?


Thanks everyone, this is really helpful!  Your answers should go into the comment section.

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Comment Posted by: S B at 09:47:43 AM on 05/22/2008

What do you mean losing everyone?  Do you mean members that have left the class, or do you mean leaving at teh end of the school year?  I am glad you enjoyed the art stuff, your pictures were great and your zen garden turned out wonderful.
---- Original Message ----
1. we can talk about every thing 2. loseing everyone in are class 3. i did good i did mine on trees and water faucet i love my zen garden its helpful 5. talk about it

Comment Posted by: S P at 09:40:45 AM on 05/22/2008

Good ideas thank you.
---- Original Message ---- to vent 2.rules & eazy 4.less rules 5.comunacating between the two classes

Comment Posted by: L R at 10:15:33 AM on 05/21/2008

Thank you for your thoughts.  I appreciate all the feedback and will take it into consideration for next year.  I am glad that you like blogging, and yes we will be able to do it for the rest of the year.  I thought your zen garden looked great, by the way.  Just let me know when you need some space in class, and I will give it to you.   Thanks. 
---- Original Message ----
1)Well,i like the way we dicuss situations,no matter what kind of situation its.We always come up with a way to help ourselfs dealing with it or to stay away from it.So, the most help in Youth Seminar is when we get all together as a group and act like humans for once.2)The least helpful in Youth Seminar was when i would come in to class with stress. Sometimes i just cant help myself and i just need time to myself.When i am in stress i just need to be by myself until i cool down about whatever its happening.3)I did like the Sel-Steem project because i did what i wanted to do.I love talking about what i like to do and what i am going to do next to get what i want.-Photography in the Art room- i did like it but it wasnt something for me. I mean i love taking pictures but its wasnt that great.-Zen gardens- that was allright, i finished my garden but at the end i didnt like it. i could of done a better job,but ti be honest i was just fooling around and thats good for me because i could of take more seriously but i didnt.Next time i am gong to do a better job.4)The experience could of be better if my bestfriend and some others friends of mine been there. I love hanging out with my bestfriend sometimes b/c she is a joke.But she gets on my nerves.5)It would be nice if we still have this little web site because it let us be ourselves and also helps us to write how we feel about things,it would be great. I would love to have this site for the rest of the year.Also b/c when school its over we can talk to Mr.King. and my other classmates.So like i said i would love to have this web site until the rest of school year even when school its over with.

Comment Posted by: B H at 10:05:27 AM on 05/21/2008

Thank you for your thoughts B.  Your idea for blogging is a great one.  Feel free to use it to do shared agenda anytime, and that goes for everybody.
---- Original Message ----
1)the most helpful thing about youth seminar was that I could be myself and have fun. 2)the least helpful thing was that I didn't care about some of the games we played. 3)the self asteem power piont was easey and kind of fun to do because we were able to be on the computer. photography in the art room was not very fun because it took to long. the zen gardens were fun to make because they were clay sculptors that I liked making and want to do something like that again. 4)the assinments would have bein funner if we had the choice of doing them. 5)we could use blogging for shared agenda if we are to nevous to say them out loud, or we could play a game by texting each other.

Comment Posted by: D T at 10:05:25 AM on 05/21/2008

Thank you for your thoughts D.
---- Original Message ----
i didnt like the sen garden

Comment Posted by: M H at 10:02:43 AM on 05/21/2008

Thanks for your thoughts M.  No ideas for blogging?---- Original Message ----
1) Having people listen when i want to share my issues with the world. 2)... The worksheets. (Never paid enough attention to get anything out of them. XP) 3)Power point: It was okay, but I'm not a fan of making power point presentions(happy I didn't have to get up and share mine though). Photography: Great excuse for wandering around the school and not get in trouble. Zen Gardens: It was fun, I got to make something with clay. The cleaning up job was't great, though. -_-; 4)... Umm... Dunno? 5)...

Comment Posted by: J F at 10:00:19 AM on 05/21/2008

That is wonderful to hear J.  Thank you for your thoughts.
---- Original Message ----
The most helpful part about this class was that the class was there to talk to. There was not realy a least part that did not help me. This class helped me alot with everything.I really did not like the self-esteem power point. Iliked the photograhy in the art room. I also liked doing the zen gardens in the art room. The photo project made me want to do year book next year. Mrs.santangolo said that i would be good for it. This has beeen one of my favorite class this year. i have gained many friends from getting avice from my eers. The kids in my class are very helful. Thanks Everybody For Beinging There For Me When I Needed Someone To Talk To. Thanks

Comment Posted by: D T at 09:55:51 AM on 05/21/2008

What do you mean by free time?  Why don't you want to do work?  Did you like the photo and zen garden?  You did really good at your PP presentation, why didn't you like that?
---- Original Message ----
1-the free time 2-the work 3-zen gardens/photography 4-no work 5-to keep in touch

Comment Posted by: C P at 09:54:54 AM on 05/20/2008

---- Original Message ----
short days as in barlly anybody ive got no ideas

Comment Posted by: A G at 09:53:57 AM on 05/20/2008

Thanks Adam, I am assuming there is nothing that can improve the class for you?  I agree, we should spread the projects out and make a completion deadline next year.  I was excited to read your blogging idea but I couldn't read it. 
---- Original Message ----
1) being able to ramble all class with shared agenda. 2) bff rose...hehehehehehehehe..... 3)it was all fun but i didnt like being out of the room for so long. i never thought id say this seeing how im a die hard art stydent but i aws acctualy getting sick of being in the art room...sory mrs. san.....yo have no effect on this. 4) being in the classs room lore often by maybe having a break between the projects 5)ihn jifdhvb'dalibhn ibhj ;dh slu vkjspupsjf iwu .....that is the best idea you will get out of me....(evil laughter)

Comment Posted by: C P at 09:48:01 AM on 05/20/2008

Thank you, can you give me some more detail on what you mean by short days where we dont do anything?  Can you develop a topic for our next blogging activity please?
---- Original Message ----
1) you can talk bout anything 2)the very short classes were we do notn 3 every thing was ok the zen gardens got a little boaring 4)i dun no 5)add more freedom to the blog it aint a blog without freedom in some sort or form...