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Title: Referring a CSE student to 504
Category: ClearTrack Meeting Screen
Description: How to end the CSE Meeting and classify the student as 504

There have been many questions about how to end the CSE meeting when a student is being referred to 504.  The trick to remember is that this involves TWO meetings; you can't do it all in one.

  1. From the Main Menu in ClearTrack, go to Special Education/Meeting Information > Meetings-Individual Student.
  2. Click on the pencil next to the student's last CSE Meeting.
  3. For the outcome, choose IEP Change: Declassified.
  4. For the disability, choose Declassified.
  5. Save the Meeting.
  6. The system will ask you if you want to exit the student now, choose NO.
  7. Once you return to the Meeting Summary screen, click on the button to Create Meeting.
  8. Choose the appropriate 504 Committee next to Committee.
  9. Choose Type of Meeting as 504 Referral.
  10. Choose the Meeting Date and time. (Many times you can make the meeting 5 minutes later on the same date.)
  11. For Outcome, choose Create Accommodation Plan.
  12. For Disability, select Section 504 Disability.
  13. Save the meeting.
  14. Edit the Roster if necessary.

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