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Title: The First Blog
Category: Blogs
Description: Camera Shy

October 29, 2008


So this would be my first blog....pretty exciting. This week has been really great so far! I am very impressed with all of the hard work my students have been putting forth as far as the debate goes. In the 10th grade class, they have already started debating and they really have come up with some good stuff. I know that it can be nerve racking being the speaker and talking in front of all your friends. I can remember when I was in 7th grade at a Middle School in N.C. and our choir was putting on a show for the 8th graders. I was standing in the very front, right in the middle and the lights above were burning down on me and I was sweating like crazy and all of the sudden, I got really dizzy and had to leave the stage. I leaned forward to tell my teacher and tripped over a huge microphone cord. Talk about embarrassing. Everyone started laughing at me. Eventually, I got over that shy just took some practice. If you are shy or are worried that someone is going to make fun of you, just remember that the other speakers are feeling the same way. As for those people who aren't speaking, they aren't speaking for a reason.......

Be cool, stay in school


Ms. Walker

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Comment Posted by: me at 09:27:31 AM on 05/12/2009

u should totally have some totally random blog totally bored right now btw