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Title: A Historic Day
Category: Blogs
Description: Election

November 4, 2008


Today I shared with the Honors class that they first major U.S. historical event that I really felt I understood and was affected by was September 11th. For most students this historic election is the first major event that they have been a part of. Although you are not old enough to vote, your future is at stake. As we learned during our debate unit, young people care about going to college and want to know what each candidate is planning to do to make it more affordable for everyone. No matter what happens tonight, tomorrow we will either have our first African American President or our first female Vice-President. In class, we've learned that women lost their equal status to men during the Neolithic Age and now, thousands of years later, we are starting to see that a shift toward equality is happening. Also, for the past couple hundred of years, their has been an issue of race in our country. With Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee and possible next President of the United States, we have seen a shift from the racist views of this country's past to the unity that we now see among all. The bottom line is, this is a historic day that we are all lucky to witness and be a part of!!!!

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Ms. Walker