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Title: A few things: President Obama, Belief Systems project, etc.
Category: Blogs
Description: A Variety of topics

I first want to say how amazing the Presidential Inaugurationn was on Tuesday. It was such a historic moment. The world has really been touched by the election of President Obama and it was overall, a moving moment. I am excited to see what the future holds for the United States (hopefully only good things)!
I'm glad the whole Oprah experience is over. It was very weird to see myself on TV and it was even  more weird to go places (Wegman's, Panera, etc.) and have people recognize me...asking if I was the girl on Oprah. I will say that I was suprised and touched by some of the message board comments people wrote on the Oprah website. I know that we all have a lot going on in our lives and it's not always it's important we stick together and help each other out.
I'm so proud of how hard most of you are working on your projects! It is impressive that you are taking the initiative and using your time wisely! NICE WORK- Especially 8TH PERIOD!!!!!!


Be cool, stay in school-
Ms. W

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