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Title: 2009-10 School Year....
Category: Blogs
Description: Insight about the first 5 weeks of school

Well, we are officially more than five weeks in for this school year. A lot has happened so far......Freshman Orientation Day (the Freshman only day) seemed to go pretty well. For the most part, I think all of the Freshmen had a good time and I know that I did as well. I love all of my classes this year. Each class has its own fair share of characters, but I wouldn't trade any of them for any other students. We have been working at a pretty fast pace and I am impressed at how focused everyone is staying. This week is East/West week....I'm glad that East has so much school spirit. It is wonderful that everyone supports one another. I can't wait for the JV game tomorrow, because I know that all of my students on the JV team are going to play awesome.  As for the Varsity team....competition is nada. Let's go Trojans!


Be cool, stay in school

Ms. W.

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