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Title: Summer Reading 2009
Category: Book Blog
Description: What I am reading this summer!

I have been doing SO much reading this summer. It is gret to read the books that interest you and not be told what to read. (I am the same as most students - I read what I am told to read, but really enjoy picking out my own books).

I am trying to read a variety of books this summer. I just finished Neverwhere which is the book my son has to read for 10H English @ SHS for the fall. It was an interesting story about London Above and London Below. It explored the world of people who live in old subway tunnels and old buildings that are now under ground (below). It is a fantasy story and I found it very entertaining and I, at times, couldn't put it down because I just had to see what happened next.


I think I am currently reading five books at the same time - a little confusing when I am trying to remember plot and characters. At times it takes me a little while to remember what is going on in the book when I start reading it again.  I am reading a great book on writing by Stephen King titled On Writing.  It is actually a book that my son is also reading and recommended to me. 

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