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Title: Who Are You?
Category: Personal
Description: There is very little time at the start of each semester to really get to know each other before delving into curriculum. Please share with us who you are.

At the beginning of every new school year, we are all anxious about having a new teacher we may not know, having classes with noone we know, etc. It is important for us as a classroom community to know who we are as individuals.

So for our first blog, tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you like to do? Do you participate in any extra-curriculars such as sports, music, clubs, etc.? What are you looking forward to this school year (and you can't say nothing)?

For example, my name is Ms. Mothershed. This is the start of my 6th year of teaching, my 3rd here at SHS. I recently purchased a house that I should be moving into within the next two months so some of the things I enjoy like getting pedicures and shopping may be getting pushed to the side because I'll have household responsibilities. I love to go to the gym but defeat the purpose by going home and eating anything with wing sauce or consuming an entire full size bag of peanut butter m&ms. I am totally family oriented spending most of the time on the weekends with my parents and sister and as lame as that may sound to you, I wouldn't change a thing. I love teaching and building appropriate relationships with my students and look forward to what will hopefully be a successful year.

This is a school related activity so please be appropriate with your responses. Please  respond by Tuesday 9/15 by 11:59 pm.

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Comment Posted by: Richard Fontanez at 04:52:07 PM on 10/07/2009

well mis mothershed you already know me but just some extra things i like to play guitar and i like to hangwith friends i' not really a sports person or anything but yeah like i said you already know me lol see you monday

Comment Posted by: Samantha Donaldson at 06:39:35 PM on 09/13/2009

My name is Samantha Donaldson. Im a sophmore. Something i enjoy doing are playing sport. I Played for my middle school soccer team. Before that i loved to dance. i danced for 7 years untill i hurt my ankle.I have two sisters and one brother.And i am looking forward to this year:)

Comment Posted by: Kelly Doughty at 05:53:45 PM on 09/11/2009

My name is Kelly Doughty. I'm in tenth grade. I am going to try to get above a 90. I like to paint, to shop, and be on the computer. I don't participate in any sports. I'm looking forward to learning a lot in english class, and read better.