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Title: Farm or Factory?
Category: Educational
Description: Take the opposite position

Remember that position you took in class about thinking working on the farm or factory was better than the other? Now your job is to defend the other position. If you thought working on the farm was better, now you have to explain why working in the factory would be better and visa versa, if you thought working in the factory was better, now explain why working on the farm would be better.

Take the opposite position and defend that position with two reasons.

All students must respond by Friday 10/8 at 11:59 pm.

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Comment Posted by: Joe Harper at 09:23:51 PM on 10/08/2009

i picked farm because its all around better and better for you, you also get a work out and Aliyah copied Sam and Cody is wierd

Comment Posted by: brittany crouthamel at 10:35:23 AM on 10/08/2009

working in a factory gives you more chance to learn about real life like if you wanna be an engineree or something that has to do with being in a factory then it shows you how to deal with it. and it gives you a chance to meet new people.

Comment Posted by: latisha wilcox at 10:34:32 AM on 10/08/2009

working in the factory gives you more a chance to meet new people and learning how do new things

Comment Posted by: Aliyah Arnold at 10:30:17 AM on 10/08/2009

Two reasons why i would want to work in the factory is because your making money and you live in the city with alot of excitment and life.

Comment Posted by: Samantha Donaldson at 10:28:31 AM on 10/08/2009

Two reasons somebody might choose to work in the factory is they would make more money and would be in a city full of people.

Comment Posted by: nicole hoffman :) at 10:26:30 AM on 10/08/2009

yeah so ummm if you pick the factory then you may get paid more and you can experience the city life but its alot

Comment Posted by: Sarah Thomas at 10:23:28 AM on 10/08/2009

Working in a factory would give you more pay and you would meet more people and have the "city life" as people call it.

Comment Posted by: Fahtima Scott at 09:38:03 AM on 10/08/2009

I would rather be a farmer because you have more of a chance to live than if you work in a factory all though you dont make as much money as you do working on a farm but you get to have more time on lunch and be around a healthier inviorment.

Comment Posted by: Richard Fontanez at 04:48:28 PM on 10/07/2009

workin at a factory canbe more benificial because you have one job to do you will never forget what your doin and possibly have your family workin atthe same factory it might have short lunch brakes and limited batroom breaks and stuff but its always benificial to be less distracted with what your doin workin on the farm you can become distracted by other things and never get what you need done becuase you have no one hassling you into doing your work faster or makin sure that you get more done than you can but it can sometimes be a good thing because the more you get done the more money you can make which can help the family with buying food and paying bills but the more family you have workin the more money because the more money that you have to buy things with the more food you can have and the better clothes you can have and the more money you have to save

Comment Posted by: Richard Fontanez at 04:29:23 PM on 10/07/2009

well workin in the factory might be better becuase you only have to do one job all day yeah it might get boring after awhile but you never for get what your doin and not only that if you work in a factory you can possibly have your family work there if not if some of your family members that are to young you can teach them what there doin so when they have to go to work they know what there doin and they don't have to be trained because you will be able to train them yourself this way they might be qualified for the job then the next person - Richard Fontanez

Comment Posted by: Heaven Cornish at 03:41:47 PM on 10/07/2009

Well i picked farm before so i guess that in a factory you get more money when you work on a farm so you can support your family. Also in a factory some time family work together and the family can spend time with each other.

Comment Posted by: Sylvia B. at 03:23:04 PM on 10/07/2009

I think working in a factory would be better than working on a farm. Because working in the factory people get paid a little more than people that work on the farm. Work gets done faster in a factory with many people helping than working on a farm with less people helping.