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Title: Springing Into Spring
Category: Helpful Hints
Description: Heading toward nice weather, everyone starts getting antsy.

I was absolutely delighted yesterday when I read the weather report for the week - 60 degrees Wednesday, 70 degrees Thursday and nearly 80 DEGREES on Saturday!  That's perfect Easter-Egg hunt weather, and the Pruyne are already making loads of afternoon/weekend plans for all this warm weather.  Most of those plans (ok, none of them) inlcude hunkering down inside doing schoolwork.

However, it's important for all of us - especially those of us hoping to graduate in less than 3 months!) to remember that school work needs to be factored in.  It's impossible to ignore the siren call of sunshine after months of winter, but it is super important that we all manage our time carefully, so that we still get work done while having our park, picnic and play time.  Along those same lines, it's important to remember that even when it's nice out, school is still in session!  "I'm a Senior and It's Nice Out" is not an excuse for a legal absence.  It will be even nicer in the summer, so it would be a total shame if you were sitting in sumer school then! 

Grade 11 students should start thinking about the English Regents exam, which is coming up far sooner than you may think!  This page has copies of old Regents exams, along with their answer keys.  Click on the links to "Scoring Guides and Rating Keys" to find the answer keys, along with sample essays.  The scoring guide gives about 18 sample essays for Elizabeth Pruyne, locing the outdoors.each essay question, which range from perfect scores to essays that get no credit.  It would be well worth the time to browse through a few of these to see what kind of essays New York State is looking for!  There are a variety of Regent's Review Services you can subscribe to online, if you're looking for more help.

I hope everyone gets some nice outdoor time this week, blows off the spiderwebs, and comes back to school refreshed and ready to go.  Have fun, and make good choices!


Elizabeth Pruyne, loving the outdoors.

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Comment Posted by: Timber G at 08:44:47 AM on 04/16/2010

I get to be bored inside or at work over the week of break though so that'll be fun but thats ok with me lol have a good vacation. Elizabeth is sooooooo cute

Comment Posted by: Raelyn S at 09:58:44 PM on 04/01/2010

I also agree... it was soooooo beautiful out today.. (tanning weather) lol. I absolutly love spring and summer. when i see the flowers start to rise and bloom, grass is green,birds chirping high up in the trees and nesting. everythings just so beautiful.also i kno its close to the end and im bucklin down hard core...becouse im gonna graduate this year its been my goal and im stickin to it.. : ) to tell you the truth im kinda nervouse bout the exams i dant like them but i kno i can do it... this time of the year is still wonderful though... : ) I hope u enjoy the weather to Mrs. Pruyne.

Comment Posted by: Timothy O at 11:34:41 AM on 04/01/2010

i agree as well. getting work done and studying hard (both in school and outside of it) is of the most importance. And yeah it is nice out but its definetely not an excuse to blow off work and stuff. this is easy for me to say though cause i really dislike summer haha.

Comment Posted by: at 11:24:15 AM on 04/01/2010

Everywhere inside feels like prison when it's 70+ degrees out! :) Do you have any exciting summer plans yet?

- Mrs. Pruyne

Comment Posted by: Rachael S at 05:58:30 PM on 03/31/2010

I agree that this time of the year t is becoming lovely outside and someimes it feels as if us students are stuck inside a prison when we truly should be outside enjoying ourselfs. However, there are not that many days of school left...WHOO! Can not wait till graduation, and then the summeshould be blast so yes i agree its better to put in the effort now then to waste your time in summer school when you know your not gonna wanna be there. Well I love the warm weather but im willing to stay schoolfocused a little longer untill i can totally enjoy it! Rachael Swank- My warm feelings