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Title: Welcome back to school!
Category: General Information
Description: 5th Grade

Welcome back to school!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer! I can't wait to hear all of your stories about vacations, pets, short trips, visiting with friends, spending time with family, and much more! Make sure to keep a short list of some exciting small moments so you will be all ready to start writing about them in your new writer's notebook!

My summer went very well! I spent much of the summer babysitting a friend of mine, Quintin.  He is six years old and very full of energy! He kept me moving the whole time we were together.  We did things like go to the park, go swimming, and play ball. 

I also did a lot of work to my house. We started by ripping down the walls in my hallway and our spare bedroom and put up new walls. We re-painted some of the walls in our house. We also started to look into putting in new cupboards.

Finally, I took plenty of small camping trips. We camped at PineCreek Campground and Watkins Glen Racetrack (twice). We had a lot of fun! Maggie loved it so much that she started to lost her voice from barking so much!

Well, again, I am very excited about our new school year together!