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Title: Introduction to Group Novel Study
Category: 12th Grade
Description: Blog 1

Welcome to your classroom blog! This space is designed for continuing dialogue that extends outside the classroom and allows you to communicate with other seniors who are not in your class section. It's also a creative way to get your point of view across that is not always heard in a classroom setting. 

Guidelines to follow: Use this blog for classroom-related content only. Be sensible with your comments so that we can continue to integrate technology into our learning. Respectfully acknowledge other points of view and disagree appropriately. Lastly, participate regularly.  We want to hear from you! (Post a response once a week to a given question or respond to a peer's comment.) 

Blog 1: Respond to one or more of the following questions below:

  1. Why did you and your group choose your book?
  2. What expectations do you have for this unit of study?
  3. What are the benefits and drawbacks to working within a group?
  4. What skills are needed for working effectively in a group setting?


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