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Title: Real-World Connections
Category: 12th Grade
Description: Blog 2 (Week 1)
If you didn't get the chance to say all you had to say during our full class discussion this week, feel free to pick up the conversation here.  Here are the questions we discussed in class.

1. What is a social issue that is emerging in your book? Explain.
2. Do you see instances of this social issue in the world today?
3. What is your personal opinion/response to this issue?
4. How is this issue addressed in your book? In society today?
5. How does the protagonist fit (or not fit) in the society around him/her?

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Comment Posted by: Caitlin B at 09:04:20 AM on 02/04/2011

A social issue in this book, is the issue between the Jews, and the Nazis along with Hitler.  Hitler and the Nazis put Jews in concentration camps.

Comment Posted by: Zachary M at 12:32:05 PM on 02/03/2011

The protagonist in The Outsiders fits perfectly as he grows with the story and the characters.  toward the book's "resolution" however,  he begins to take ques from smarter characters and outgrow many of the story's other characters.

Comment Posted by: Mackenzie G at 12:28:37 PM on 02/03/2011

In,the book my group is reading, All Quiet on the Western Front, the primary social issue is war, due to the main character and his friends taking part in WWI. Instances of this happening are almost constantly seen throughout the world, including the United States being involved in wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Comment Posted by: Ashley C at 12:43:49 PM on 01/21/2011

The social issue emerging in my book is predjudice.  The book takes place during the holocaust.

Comment Posted by: Kaila N. at 08:20:31 PM on 01/20/2011

In my book, Bruno finds it hard to understand why he can not play with his Jewish friend on the other side of the fence.

Comment Posted by: Amanda E at 02:29:51 PM on 01/20/2011

A social issue that is emerging in our book Make lemonade, is sexaul abuse.  Unfortunately In todays society sexual abuse happens frequently and often goes without repercussions.

Comment Posted by: Chad D at 01:38:45 PM on 01/20/2011

The social issue that is emerging in my book is predjudice. It is shown because it takes place during the holocaust at a concentration camp.

Comment Posted by: Brittany O at 01:38:38 PM on 01/20/2011

1.) the social issue emerging in my book is predjudice.  The book takes place during the holocusts.

Comment Posted by: Zackeriah B at 01:24:40 PM on 01/20/2011

1) The social issue in this the Hunger Games would be genocide because every year they take two people from twelve districts and put them in an arena to kill each other for the capitol's entertainment.
2) Yes i do see this because genocide is happening today in Dafur.
3) Genocide is completely wrong because it's another form of murder but on a mass scale.
4) In the book, this is being broadcasted live on television all across Panem and today, it's hard to prevent and even stop this from happening.
5) She is caught up in the Hunger Games and forced to defend herself by killing the other competitors but she has such a small stature that came climb the trees while most of the rest of the others are bigger and weigh more so they can't get in the trees like her. She is remarkable with a bow but lacks physical strength like the other competitiors have.

Comment Posted by: Joshua F at 01:21:36 PM on 01/20/2011

The most present issue in the hunger games is starvation this isbrought up many times trough the book. this issue is resolved in the book with the hunger games when kids fight to the death  and if you win you get food and a well built home that your family can live in. you can see this in alot of third world countries.                 256058894768492*974/

Comment Posted by: Demarest S at 12:31:15 PM on 01/20/2011

1.) I'm not sure what the social issue is. Terra says it's diversity but i dont know how it could be. i just think that nobody understands him, they have no way to understand him..
2.) I'm leaving this one blank.
3.) My response is that it is sad that this disease happened to shawn but there is nothing that anybody can do about it. he can't say yes or no that he wants to be alive or give his opinion about anything..
4.) This book has a lax attitude about everything it doesn't sway either way.
5.) shawn does not fit into society because he is a vegetable as far as anyone besides him knows.

Comment Posted by: Rebecca C at 12:30:51 PM on 01/20/2011

My book, The Hunger Games, deals with a lot of societal pressures. The Hunger Games themselves are live events that residents are required to watch. In this particular nation, called Panem, there are 12 districts. Each district must give up two children between the ages of 12 and 18, a male and a female, to be transported to a secret, randomized location and forced to fight to the death. The only way to win is to kill. The sad part about all this is how easily it is accepted. The voices in the district go unheard, and the residents of the Capitol see it as a sport for fun.

Okay, so maybe in our world today, there are no government-facilitated child slaughters (that we know of >.> ). I think that The Hunger Games represents corruption and cruelty. The fact that the government runs this "game" is appaling, and any opposition in any manner -- of the Games or otherwise -- ispunishable by death. And the fact is, oppression DOES happen in many places and forms today. This book also shows segregation to an exaggerated degree. The 12 Disctricts are to have no contact with one another, and no freedom is allowed. The liveso f the poor people in most of the districts is harshly contradictive when compared to the richest of the Districts and the Capitol, where their biggest regrets may be --an example taken from the book -- wearing a feather to  birthday party. It seems that while the people of District 12 starve to death on a regular basis, the people of the Capitol complain about changing fashions.

The cruelty portrayed in The Hunger Games can be translated in a much larger scale than just a group of people in modern days. I believe it represents the cruelty of human nature itself. Where did the love and respect for others go?

Or really, was it ever here?

Comment Posted by: Diana B at 11:52:32 AM on 01/20/2011

sexual abuse is something that happens in todays society to.

Comment Posted by: Michayla at 03:14:13 PM on 01/19/2011

My issue in the book im reading deals with World War 2 and the Holocaust. It deals with a little boy trying to understand what is happening in the world around him.

Comment Posted by: Leah J at 02:44:24 PM on 01/14/2011

For the book i am reading, "A Child Called It" and as with many of the other books deel with abuse in some way. Like with Christa C book the so called vegtable is a live person with thoughts and opions. Any form of abuse is uncalled for and wrong! We all desirve life as much as the next.

Comment Posted by: Isaac O at 02:29:54 PM on 01/14/2011

The social issue in Swallowing Stones is that you need to think about your actions before you act because otherwise there are negatives when you do not think it through the whole way.

Comment Posted by: Christa C at 01:26:49 PM on 01/14/2011

Im reading Stuck In Neutral, the main charecter of the book is Shawn. he struggles to fit into society because he has Cerebral pasly. This condition makes it impossible for him to control any body function what so ever, people look at shawn as a vegtable but really shawn is fully aware of his surroundings and is smarter then the average teeneger, he remembers everything he sees and hears. Shawn finds his life to be very frustrating, no matter how hard he trys to communicate with the people around him; its impossoble. Shawn hears his family and surrounding people calling him false names such as; a vegitable and a retard. people ignore him and talk to him like a baby and this hurts him to know thats what everyone thinks of him and noone honestly cares what hes thinking, but he has no way to correct them and let them know he is all there, shawn is a fourteen year old boy trapped in his own body, wanting nothing more but to find some way to tell his family what his life is really like, what he wants and whats really going on inside his head. So far iv enjoyed reading this book.

Comment Posted by: Tawny H at 02:35:12 PM on 01/13/2011

The social issue in the book I am reading is depression and thought of sucide. Craig the main character in the book is depressed because of all the pressure of doing good in school. He then wants to quit with all his studies and goes into the stage where he wants to commit suicide. He goes to doctors but doesnt tell his parents how he feels. He becomes sick and turns himself into a hospital. He tries coping with the pressure of school by going to parties at his friend Aaron's house. There are social issues like this in the world today due to stress.

Comment Posted by: Rachel S at 01:45:10 PM on 01/13/2011

The issue in my book is child abuse. My personal oppion on child abuse is that it should'nt be happening. If parents are going to disrespect there kids like that then they shouldnt have any. and people like that dont deserve  the joy of being parents or be blessed with kids.. i think  that every kid should be treated right and should NOT be abused at all. If parents are having problems it should NOT be taken out on the kids... Its a very upsetting  to watch videos and see pictures on the news of happy young kids getting abused... Especially babys?
 Seriously? That's messed up.

Comment Posted by: Kristen B at 01:44:41 PM on 01/13/2011

I honestly believe abuse goes on all around the world it might not just be physical but there are many different types of abuse and i think society and the world has come a long way since my book, A child called "It"; it was writen in the 1970's but was based on the authors childhood. It has come a long way but there still could be more done to help make this issue go away.