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Title: Finding Meaning in your Text
Category: 12th Grade
Description: Blog 3 (week 2)

As you are half-way through your books, you should be catching onto the themes that are emerging. Answer one of these questions or bring up a topic of your own!

1. What message is the author trying to convey through your book?  Do you think this message applies to you? Why or why not?

2. Who is the intended audience for your book, or who would most benefit from reading it?  Why do you think this?

3. What literary devices are present? How do they add meaning to this text?

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Comment Posted by: Terra C at 02:56:35 PM on 02/10/2011

1. The author is trying to convey the message that there is more that meets the eye invloving everything. This message applies to everyone, my brother is considered retarded, but in reality he is the smartest little boy and he is a extremely quick learner. So I comepletely agree with this message.
2. I think the intended audience is everyone, the people who don't fully understand disabled poeple who benefit from this book. I also think the people who have never been involved with a disabled person would highly benefit from this book. This book shows that just beacuse a person looks a certain way doesnt mean that they truely are that way.
3. Symbolism is present, it helps add emotion and suspense toward Shawn. Imagery is also present, this helps prevail Shawns true feelings.

Comment Posted by: Chad D at 12:44:26 PM on 02/10/2011

I think that our book is intended for young adults because it is an important impart of history. It is told throught the eyeys of a nine year old boy so it is very easy  to read and full of events that hapened during the holocaust.

Comment Posted by: Christa C at 12:49:32 PM on 02/09/2011

I think the author is trying to let the main charecters voice be heard. he cant  speak for himself, he cant help himself he is a "vegitable"  so  the author is telling the audience how he feels.

the intended audience can really be anyone, its benificial to anyone that reads it because it really makes you realize that cerebral palsy is a condition that should be looked at different. shawn the main charecter had alot of hurt feelings because noone understood him.

symbolism: the crow in the book represents death. 

Comment Posted by: Tawny H at 12:06:14 PM on 02/07/2011

Throughout my book the authir is trying to convey the message that people have struggles in life and often they dont know how to get help or cope with what they are going through. This message applies to anyone because everyone needs to know how to cope with their problems and trials.

Comment Posted by: Chelsea S at 08:19:09 AM on 02/07/2011

The intended audience in are book is teenagers. Teenagers reading this book would get the most out of it. People who are struggling with things in thier life.

Comment Posted by: Brittany O at 04:42:09 PM on 02/04/2011

The intended audience for my book are teens and adults.  the Holocust is an important par tof history and everyone should knoe at least a litlle about it. 

Comment Posted by: Zackeriah B at 02:55:39 PM on 02/04/2011

I think the meesage that the author is trying to convey in this book is to have trust in others. This message applies to me because i sometimes have trouble trusting people which sometimes is a propblem.

Comment Posted by: Troy B at 02:27:15 PM on 02/04/2011

the message that the author is trying to convey is that war changes people. that seeing people die and all the fighting has a huge effect on persons. People can also be affected through a family member or a good friend that has been in the military and has seen the inside of a war zone. No, i don't think that this message applies to me because i'm not going to join the army or any other branch of the military. i am also not affected by my family members that have seen inside a war.

Comment Posted by: Shannon M at 01:38:20 PM on 02/04/2011

A literary device used in the book "Stuck in Neutral" is mood/tone. This literary device adds meaning to the text because Shawn always speaks so sarcasticly about his condition, portraying how frustrated he really feels about it.

Comment Posted by: Curtis B at 12:39:17 PM on 02/04/2011

I think that the author is trying to convey his experiences in war to the reader.  I dont necessarily think that this applies to me since I dont plan on going to war.

I think the intended audience for this book is anyone that wants to learn about history.  I think that because it has to do with a historic war.

Some literary devices that are present are Conflict and Flashback  Conflict adds to the text because the whole text is about a war, and there would be no war without conflict.  Flashback adds meaning because it helps to give the reader a good background knowledge on the author.

Comment Posted by: Todd S at 10:31:38 AM on 02/04/2011

2. I believe the intended audience for my book is everybody, because the author explains how child abuse effected his life and the hardships he faced.

Comment Posted by: Amanda E at 09:51:29 AM on 02/04/2011

A literary device that is present in our book is conflict. Jolly is a 17 year old with two children, she struggles with poverty and trying to get an education to provide a good life for her children.

Comment Posted by: Caitlin B at 09:07:13 AM on 02/04/2011

The ironicness in the book  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, was that Bruno becomes friends with a jewish boy in the concentration camp, &Bruno's father runs that same camp.

Comment Posted by: Ashley C at 08:58:15 AM on 02/04/2011

The intended audience for the book would be probably people rangeing from the age of their teens to older.  I think this is because the book invovles concentration camps and young readers learn about this when in school.   Making it easier for them to understand the concept of the book.

Comment Posted by: Joshua F at 05:28:21 PM on 02/03/2011

The hunger games has imagery. this is shown when it is talking about peeta and katniss trying to find a place to hide from the other competitors when they find a cave that they can camiflage.

Comment Posted by: Alexis S at 02:57:07 PM on 02/03/2011

irony. irony is found in this book, The Boy In The stripped pajamas, he becomes with a jewish boy who resides in a concentration camp while, Bruno's father runs the camp.

Comment Posted by: Mickenzie N at 02:53:29 PM on 02/03/2011

One literary devised used in The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas is irony. a little german boy becomes friends with a jewish boy who's in a concentration camp. then the german boy dies when he snuck into the camp to play with the little jewish boy; furthermore, the germans boy's father was the soldier who ran the death camp.

Comment Posted by: Megan R at 02:48:43 PM on 02/03/2011

In my book "It's Kind of a Funny Story" the intended audience for the book are teenagers who are dealing with the stress of school and how that leads into depression.  The story shows how Craig, the main character, deals with his depression and how he had almost killed himself.  He eventually learns that he needs to change his life for what is best for him and not others.

Comment Posted by: Alexis S at 02:48:37 PM on 02/03/2011

The literary devices present so far in our book is

Comment Posted by: Nicholas P at 02:38:48 PM on 02/03/2011

The story I am reading, A Child Called "It",  conveys the message that no person should be treated the way that he should. I think the reasoning for him to write this book was to show how people should become aware of other people's troubles and try to help. Throughout his life people saw that he was being tortured and abused but no one stood up and stopped it, ruining a fairly large portion of his life and still affecting him now.  He used many forms of imagery in order for the reader to even imagine what he was going through, because not very many could actually relate to the imense torturing his mother put him through

Comment Posted by: Trevor S at 01:50:17 PM on 02/03/2011

The intended audience for my book “The Child Called It" is everyone.  But the people that most likely benefit from the book is the people being abused.  The book can look up towards David and see him as a role model as he makes it through childhood.  I think this because some people need a help to get through things as they are experiencing difficulties in life. 

Comment Posted by: Jodie F at 01:50:11 PM on 02/03/2011

Many literary devices are present in this book. Such as foreshaowing. Foreshadowing is brought by the narrator 'death'. Death  tells the reader throughout the book who die, just doesn't give a full depiction of it. Mood is also another literary device used in the text, it brings meaning because without the mood of this book the reader would behighly confused on how the book is written. The mood establishes everything, kind of like the setting does. The conflict that is brought into the text establishes the overall meaning of the book, given the conflict between the jewish and the germans.

Comment Posted by: Judy F at 01:49:09 PM on 02/03/2011

The Book Thief intended audiance is adults, young teenagers and teenagers.Although I think anyone would benefit from reading this book, because it really could be life changing. From the book you get an understanding of how times were during the holocaust; the decions some people had to make that could have been the death of them. Also the book shows the true value of doing whats right, even if it's wrong in the society, learning to love one even though they're different.

Comment Posted by: Adam N at 01:47:56 PM on 02/03/2011

They message my author is trying to convey is think before you act. All your actions have reactions.

Comment Posted by: Rachel S at 01:47:48 PM on 02/03/2011

i think that everyone would benefit from reading "A Child Called It". It is a book about something that everyone should be aware of which is child abuse and favortism. I think people gaining knowledge about this is important. And it also shows the courage of the little boy who survived  unfair treatment by his mother. I think this because there is alot of issues in the worl that people are not aware with and  by reading a simple story can educate you and expand your education

Comment Posted by: Diana B at 01:45:10 PM on 02/03/2011

my book can have anyone for its adiunce. im treading the book make lemonade and there are many issues.

Comment Posted by: Dekota K at 12:48:24 PM on 02/03/2011

i also think this book aplies to me because i have realized what it might possibly be like to be serverely disabled

Comment Posted by: Dekota K at 12:46:28 PM on 02/03/2011

our book is stuck in neutral. in stuck in neutral our auther is stating that even people with dissabilities, or that might have the mental capacity of an infant have feelings too.  someone with cerabral paulsy for instance cant tell you what they think or feel, but just because they cant interact and dont have control over theyre bodily functions they still have feelings and they are humans none the less.  i believe everyone should read this book and they therefore would have a new respect for indaviduals with physical or mental abilities/

Comment Posted by: Carson T at 12:38:20 PM on 02/03/2011

Well obviously the author is trying to relate to teens because the book is about teen gangs fighting eachother. Teens would most likely benefit from the message that everyone is a person and money should not have anything to do with the way you act.

Comment Posted by: Zachary M at 12:35:11 PM on 02/03/2011

I think the intended audience is the demographic that is the adolescants of the world.  My reasoning is it deals with a very extreme case of tyhe troubles of being a teenager.

Comment Posted by: Aaron K at 12:31:25 PM on 02/03/2011

I think it targets teens and young adults. They benefit from seeing exapmles of what violents does to the youth. PEACE

Comment Posted by: Mackenzie G at 12:30:56 PM on 02/03/2011

My group's book could benefit anyone who wishes to learn more about war and the way it affects people. This is because this novel provides a realistic view into one of the most horrific conflicts of all time.

Comment Posted by: Demarest S at 12:24:26 PM on 02/03/2011

The intended audience for this book I think would be everyone, simply because it makes your mind wander because it makes you wonder what may be possible.

Comment Posted by: Rebecca C at 06:36:05 PM on 01/27/2011

In The Hunger Games, symbolism plays a role throughout (and even moreso in the sequal, I've found out.). Symbolism can be a subtle way to tie in theme and even foreshadowing.

Comment Posted by: Amanda F at 12:10:10 AM on 01/27/2011

3). The literary element present is flashback. When this literary element is  present it kinda gives the reader a little bit of a advantage because we know what it is going to happen.

Comment Posted by: Michayla at 10:57:30 AM on 01/26/2011

Anyone can be the audience for the book my group is reading, just for the fact that the Holocaust was a very sad point in history. And everyone should have some type of knowledge about the Holocaust.