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Title: Evaluation
Category: 12th Grade
Description: Blog 4 (Week 3)

Now that you have finished your book, think about the following questions: (Address one or more in your post).

1. Evaluate the author's style: What would you change? What are his/her strengths or weaknesses? What techniques did the author use to catch your interest?

2. How did a group study add to the overall understanding and meaning of the text you read?

3. What surprised you in your book? Explain.

4. What disturbed you about your book? Explain.

5. What questions still linger in your mind that you want answers to?

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Comment Posted by: Alexis S at 01:47:43 PM on 02/11/2011

Working in a group helped me understand the book. Having to work with other people helped me see things from their point of view. Which gave me a different perspective on the book. The thing that disgusted me the most was the whole idea of the holocaust and what jewish people had to go through.

Comment Posted by: Megan R at 01:46:19 PM on 02/11/2011

The thing that disturbed me the most in It's Kind of a Funny Story, was that Craig wanted to kill himself over the stress of school.  School is a simple aspect of life that it doesn't seem that important enough to kill yourself over.  Craig should have gotten help sooner and the help he did receive, he should have told the theropist everything that was going on with him.  One question that I still wonder about is what happened the commander that Craig was hearing.  Whenever Craig was found himself in a troubling situation, he would hear this voice in his head.  The author never really went into detail about what happened to the commander.

Comment Posted by: Diana B at 01:40:47 PM on 02/11/2011

one question that still lingers in my mind about my book make lemonade is how come the fathers of jolly babys never stuck around?

Comment Posted by: Emily J at 01:40:36 PM on 02/11/2011

Overall what disturbed me about my book was the overall main point of the book of why main character Craig hit his severe downfall of his depression.  I thought it was pretty pathetic that Craig spent over a year studying for an exam to get the overall highest score.

Comment Posted by: Michayla O at 01:39:25 PM on 02/11/2011

At the end of my book Bruno ends up dieing in the gas chamber and i wasn't expecting that.

Comment Posted by: Chelsea S at 10:47:48 AM on 02/11/2011

Working in a group helped me understand more about the book iI read by if I didnt understand a part in the book I had people to work with to help me out. Something that suprised me in the book I read It's Kind of A Funny Story, was that the main character Craig got better through out the book.

Comment Posted by: Terra C at 09:47:51 PM on 02/10/2011

1. Terry Trueman's strengths are in fact his strong ability to illustrate symbolism. He used strong literary elements to catch my interest.
2. A group study truly helped consider others opinions of the text. It helped me to fully understand every angle and take on the authors perspective.
3. What surprised me about my book was the strong imagery and symbolism in the authors writing.
4. What disturbed me about this book is the fact that Shawn's father truly wants to kill him, and Shawn and everyone else in the family knows also.
5. A question that is still lingering in my mind is the ending. There is no actual resolution, the ending is a cliff hanger. I would like to know what happens to Shawn after his seizure.

Comment Posted by: Dekota K at 02:54:56 PM on 02/10/2011

the group studdy led to the complete understanding of our book because we got to see the views of the other students and what they thought the caracter traits were and hew the book efected there view on life. it also gave us a chance to socialize with each other about the storryline and what the authors main point might have been.

Comment Posted by: Shannon M at 02:50:36 PM on 02/10/2011

What disturbed me in my book was the ending. It left you wondering what happened next, and I hate endings like that.
A group study helped me understand the book better by getting my groups perspectives and asking them questions on things I didn't understand.

Comment Posted by: Chad D at 12:49:09 PM on 02/10/2011

There were many surprises throughout my book. What surprised me the most was the fact the Bruno became friends with a jewish boy. With his father being a very important man in the German army he should have never become his friend because it would have ruined his fathers career.

Comment Posted by: Brittany O at 12:44:17 PM on 02/10/2011

The irony  is what suprised me in my book.  When the boys finally meet on the other side of the fence and what happens to them in the camp Brunos father runs.

Comment Posted by: Isaac O at 10:37:16 AM on 02/10/2011

The group study allowed people to add thier personal thoughts in on the book and made my group think about what if we were in the characters shoes how would we react. This aloowed us to take the book to a new meaning also being able to discuss it. 

Comment Posted by: Amanda F at 09:33:51 AM on 02/10/2011

In The Book Thief I was surprised that Max and Liesel got along so well. Max was a jew living with Liesel and her foster family. I was surprised that even though Liesel is german and Max was jewish that they got along so well.

Comment Posted by: Todd S at 08:22:58 AM on 02/10/2011

In "The Child Called It," I was suprised that David's mother could stab her own son and show no sign of regret.

Comment Posted by: Zackeriah B at 02:43:27 PM on 02/09/2011

At the end of The Gunger Games it leaves off saying how Katniss and Peeta are going to split up and them getting back to District 12 but it doesn't tell what happens when they get there. It left me wondering what's going to happen to Peeta and Katniss and what's the Capitol going to do to them for making a mockery of them during the time the Hunger Games were taking place.

Comment Posted by: Trevor S at 01:38:49 PM on 02/09/2011

What really suprised me in my book "The Child Called It" is when his mother stabbed him and didnt take him to the hospital. 

Comment Posted by: Jeremy P at 01:36:35 PM on 02/09/2011

What surprised me in my book was when Davids dad left him with his mother....

Comment Posted by: Andrew D at 12:53:59 PM on 02/09/2011

what suprised me about my book was i thought it was going to be boring but after i got done it was a good book.

Comment Posted by: Christa C at 12:52:01 PM on 02/09/2011

what disturbed me abut "Stuck in neutral" was that his father truly wanted to kill him and shawn knew it.

Comment Posted by: Jared K at 12:24:14 PM on 02/09/2011

What surprised me about the book was how fast it was over. Im not much of a reader but the group work really helped me.

Comment Posted by: Mackenzie G at 12:14:43 PM on 02/09/2011

The group study forced me to pay more attention to the plot of the story, and to the relationships that the characters have with each other.

Comment Posted by: Zachary M at 12:12:06 PM on 02/09/2011

What disturbed me in this book? The sheer primitive nature of these people...and how some of them shed this nature by the end of the book.

Comment Posted by: Aiko I at 01:53:19 PM on 02/08/2011

I was really surprized that a book "A child called it"  I read is about experiences of absues from the mother of an author. I can not imagine these horrible abuses. He was corageous to write this book i thought.  

Comment Posted by: Rachel S at 12:40:04 PM on 02/08/2011

The group study overall was more understanding because everyone got to share there feelings and opinions about the book! And it was fun working in a group!

Comment Posted by: Rachel S at 12:39:14 PM on 02/08/2011

Something that disturbed me in the book a child called it is  how the mother treated her child. It was beyond wrong and VERY disturbing. i feel so bad for david. if your that big of a wimp that you have to take your frustrations out on a innocent child then there is some serious issues.

Comment Posted by: Brandon B at 12:26:09 PM on 02/08/2011

Group study added to the overall understanding and meaning of the text by adding alternative opinions on what was read. The differing perspectives resulted in fuller understanding of the book because you could see others interpertation of the text.

Comment Posted by: Adam N at 12:24:27 PM on 02/08/2011

The group study helped me understand the book better because everyone has different interpetations of the book and we get to share them with eachother so it gives us a better understanding of the book.....

Comment Posted by: Kristen B at 12:20:40 PM on 02/08/2011

what disturbed me about my book, was the way a mother can treat his child. The whole though of child abuse is beyond wrong.

Comment Posted by: Rebecca C at 08:45:17 AM on 02/08/2011

What disturbed me about The Hunger Games was that, while symbolized by an extreme example in a fictional world, there are places in this world that really are this cruel.

Comment Posted by: Amanda E at 08:34:13 AM on 02/08/2011

Something that surprised me in my book was, Jolly actually went back to school to finish her high school career.

Comment Posted by: Ashley C at 08:32:49 AM on 02/08/2011

 A group study helped me understand the book because it allowed me to ask the questions that I had lingering in my head about the chapters that we read.  And having a group discussion with my partners helped with the meaning of the text that we read.

Comment Posted by: Mickenzie N at 01:54:07 PM on 02/07/2011

The authors style in my book was a suprisingly unbias. The Boy in Striped Pagamas was a very eye opening book, in which John Boyne used an extreme amount of irony to show his opposition on German prosectution of the jews, in a suprisingly subtle way. Boyles stregnths would definatly have to be his use of backflashing to explain chacters emotions for certain events. His weakness would be in keping the readers atention. Quite often he will drag on unneeded information, such as Brunos sister being a hopless case. What disturbed me the most about this novel would have to be the ending. It was such a twist; totally unexpected. Quite graphic compared to the rest of the novle. And the one question that still lingers in my mind is..........where do authors come up with stories like this one??

Comment Posted by: Nicholas P at 01:20:37 PM on 02/07/2011

David Pelzer was brutally honest with his writing, sometimes explaining every detail no reader would like to read.  This allows people to know exactly how bad his childhood life was. His key strength was how he expressed his pure hatred of his mother in A Child Called "It", most of the time explaining how he'd dream she would be gone and out of his life. Basically the entire story disturbed me. How could a mother do that to their child? What gave her the reason to torture and grotesquely treat him? The key question that lingers in my mind is what ever happened to his family? Did his brothers who witness all the events ever think back and regret not taking a stand against their mother? Also how did his mother react to her slave son being sent away?

Comment Posted by: Joshua F at 12:52:49 PM on 02/07/2011

One thing that surprised me in the book is when Tresh did not kill katniss because she was nice to rue and thresh was the biggest person to be in the games but he lasted to the last 4 before he was killed by Cato.

Comment Posted by: Dustun S at 12:40:07 PM on 02/07/2011

2. A group study helped me understand the book better for the parts of the book that i didn't understand. It also made the book have more meaning with everyones giving there views on the book.

Comment Posted by: Tawny H at 12:39:59 PM on 02/07/2011

A group study helped my overall understanding and meaning of the text I read, because when I didnt know what was happening in the book by the way some things were worded I could get clarification about what was happening.

Comment Posted by: Troy B at 12:38:37 PM on 02/07/2011

4: in my book Sunrise Over Falljah what disturbed me in the book was that when Robin and the Civil Affairs Unit  where driving into Iraq. On their trip into Iraq Robin noticed that people where lining the side of the road with white bags. The bags were people that had died in the war.