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Title: Week One: Why do kids hate science? (Due 10/7)
Category: Random/fun Discussions
Description: discussion of science education
When I was in school, I LOVED science class.  Honestly, one of my classmates asked me in 8th grade if I ate my science book because I was such a science nerd.  I find that many of my students don't share my love of science classes.  I looked forward to science class for as long as I can remember.  I love that it was full of facts that were interesting and how life is amazing in its complexity and so fragile but can withstand a great deal of fluctuations.  I learned how to "speak" science at an early age (see aforementioned book eating) and that made my life in science classes not only easier, but more successful.  In a perfect world, you would all love science class as much as I do, but alas, I'm not THAT big a fool.  

From your own experience, what has been your favorite part of science classes in the past?  Without complaining about past teachers, what has been your least favorite part of class or the reason you dread going to science class?

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Comment Posted by: Samantha R at 09:57:35 PM on 10/07/2011

 Honestly, I should love science and excel at it because I want to get my MD, but I don't. I think it's because science doesn't come easy to me while many of my favorite classes do. With science I struggle to learn and retain all the information taught, and with other classes i can sit back and have fun with it because it comes easier. I think I would like science a lot more if I understood the lessons and things we learn about on a more complex level. I love learning in science, but sometimes the students in a class who don't want to be there make it difficult for others to want to be there.

Comment Posted by: Jacob N at 11:19:42 AM on 10/07/2011

---- Original Message ----
This 10th grade science year should be really fun and interesting, its about life and its something we deal with every day. i do not go out side and pick up a rock and wonder "what kind of rock is this?" During earth science i was lost. i tryed to stay with the class but it was boring and very confusing. this year should fly by because when im in class and im interested, time flys! im really looking forward for bio.

Comment Posted by: Aga Jean S at 02:30:24 PM on 10/04/2011

I like science, but i dont love it as much as you do. My favorite thing about science is doing class models. For example in 7th or 8th grade we were able to make a cell model. I made an animal cell made out of a pumpkin. I loved doing class projects and models in science. It was a lot of fun. Like you, I also find it interesting how the human body works, how it could be so complex yet fragile at the same time. I think that science is great, but its not one of my favorite subjects, and the reason is because its really hard for me to understand and confusing. I dont get why in science they always have to use big words and such. Science is interesting yet complicated for me so maybe thats why im not so fond of it.

Comment Posted by: Sean P at 12:13:37 PM on 10/04/2011

Its not that i dont like science but it can be difficult at times

Comment Posted by: Quintin T at 09:09:36 PM on 09/29/2011

i think kids hate science due to the fact that it causes them to think harder. My favorite part was in seventh grade science with Mrs.Paleramo when no matter what she made it fun some how.