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Title: Why not make the switch to metric? (Due 10/21)
Category: Random/fun Discussions
Description: english vs metric
After our discussion in class about the problem with the United States being the ONLY country in the world to still primarily use the English system of measurements (inches, cups, pounds, etc.), I was wondering if there was any information on the internet concerning the US making the switch.  I found the link to the creation of martian junk (Read the article here).  Then I came across this website, metric 4 US, and thought that most of the information presented was very compelling and convinced me that we should switch (not that it took much convincing).  I think that the conversions are much simpler using metric and the fact that the whole world uses it is a pretty good argument for switching. 

Please visit the metric for US website in the link above and let me know what you think.  Minimally, answer these questions:
Did they convince you that we should switch to metric or keep things the way they are?  What problems do you foresee if we were to switch within the next few years? 

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Comment Posted by: Jake N at 12:25:17 PM on 10/27/2011

I agree with Matt and Lauren. The United States would have to slow down so every body could get the hang of the new system.

Comment Posted by: Samantha R at 10:02:42 PM on 10/22/2011

 I know this is late. But I figured I should still do it even if it doesn't count. I think that we should switch because it makes it difficult for countries to have different measurement systems. If we switch it would be difficult for people who are used to the English system to change to metric even though metric is easier. Instead of teaching both, we should start teaching upcoming children the metric system, this way they don't need to learn English then be confused when metric is brought up to them.

Comment Posted by: Jessica S at 11:29:33 PM on 10/21/2011

 In my opinion, we should go with the flow and go with the metric system. Honestly, all we have to do is learn the metric system. The metric system seems to be more successful and more reliable than the English way. So, I say we swtich

Comment Posted by: Emilee C at 09:48:00 PM on 10/21/2011

In my opinion the US should switch to the metric system. It is a much easier way to figure measurments out. The US might have problems adjusting to the metric system but it makes more sense to use this system.

Comment Posted by: Carly M at 09:43:17 PM on 10/21/2011

I personally believe that the US should switch to the metric system. It is a much more simple way to make conversions.  If the US did decide to change to the metric system i think it may be hard for people to adjust to the change because they are so use to the system that we use now.

Comment Posted by: Bryan Seager at 06:34:21 PM on 10/21/2011

Due to where the Americans are right now with all the way of measurements it has right now it would take an incredible amount of years for the whole American society to understand the metric system of measurement. Although it would be useful if we did there is no way that the American nation would agree with it due to the amount of money it would cost to fix all the roadside signs and the fact of the stubbornness us Americans have it just could never happen.

Comment Posted by: Haley B at 05:49:48 PM on 10/21/2011

I think that we should switch over to the metric system, because we already have learned alot of the metric system, and we will continue to learn it.  All the rest of the world has switched, why shouldnt we?  The only problem there would be, is that they would have to convert things over from English system of measurements to the metric system measurements. They would also have to resize products to better fit the metric system.

Comment Posted by: Paul N at 05:04:10 PM on 10/21/2011

---- Original Message ----
I think it will be better in the long run, but as of right now I dont feel like it should be necessary to teach/learn a whole new way of life.

Comment Posted by: Dale-Lynn S at 01:54:08 PM on 10/21/2011

In my opinion I think that we should still use the English system of measurements (Inches, cups, pounds, ect.) The reason I think this is because usually people grow up using those types of measurements and I think that the United States switching isn't nesicary.  Also, converstions to me are much more complicated.

Comment Posted by: Preston M. W. at 01:20:35 PM on 10/21/2011

i think that we should stay. mainly because we would have to re-learn the whole this is this many whatevers and this is so much this. but on the other hand we shouldn't because we've always used it this way and thats what makes us america, being different. if we were to switch we all would have to re-learn everything that we all know and for some would take forever and for others not so long.

Comment Posted by: Mike Simkin at 01:14:47 PM on 10/21/2011

The American population is too stubborn to change. i personaly dont think we should change bc if we did ther would be too much to relearn. also it would impact millitary personel, buissness people, banks, and school. i cant speak for anyone else, but i sure as heck dont want to stay in school longer or have to pick up a new math class just to relearn how to measure and learn how many whatever is in a whatever.

Comment Posted by: Shawna Wakefield at 12:09:37 PM on 10/21/2011

i think that we shouldn't use these either. To boring and it's stupid as well. Why is it fair that we still have to do it, but others dont!

Comment Posted by: Amanda Reed at 11:45:21 AM on 10/21/2011

We should start trying to use metric by maybe having each state start trying to slowly turn to the metric side because yes all the other countries use the metric but we don't. I feel that the U.S. should make an attempt to switch too metric because sooner or later we will fall behind on tecnology and become disconected from the out side world.

Comment Posted by: John W at 11:10:32 PM on 10/20/2011

Its the American way. This country has gone from nothing to everything. Its worked for us for so long so why change it now? We've gone to far to turn back. Companies for rulers and tape measures would have to switch on all the products and people would have to buy everything new if its changed from English to Metric. Contractors and Lumber companies would have to change the equipment and cutting lengths. I think its to big of a change to do it now.

Comment Posted by: Anthony Nichols at 05:16:07 PM on 10/20/2011

I think we should switch. It would be easier for us and the rest of the world, who use the metric system . Trying to remember how many feet there are in a mile is not the best method.

Comment Posted by: Dj at 10:47:43 AM on 10/20/2011

I dont think we should switch to metric because we have to learn a hole new way of learning and using things.

Comment Posted by: Cody L. at 08:57:22 AM on 10/20/2011

I think that we should switch over to metric, but we should slowly, to let people adjust to the change. I feel that adults would have the hardest time because they have used our current system for so long, they will have a hard time changing. Students and children will have a much easier time getting used to the change, and so I support the change.

Comment Posted by: Erin M at 02:27:53 PM on 10/19/2011

In my opinion, the US should make the switch to metric. It isn't hard to make conversions and many other countries are already using the metric system. The only problem is people who have already been using the English Imperial system would have a harder time using the metric system, but seeming as how easy it is to use, it wouldn't be that big of a problem to switch, just people having to get used to using it.

Comment Posted by: Kyle W at 10:33:06 AM on 10/19/2011

---- Original Message ----
That it would be hard fot us as humans to understand as childeren

Comment Posted by: Emily M at 10:01:59 AM on 10/15/2011


This article proves that we should switch to the metric system but it would cause problems by having older people having to learn a whole other system than the one that they are familiar with.Overall i think this is an issue that should be voted on as an issue that effects something as big and costly as NASA.

Comment Posted by: Devin W at 09:26:30 AM on 10/14/2011

---- Original Message ----
i think we dont switch over to to the metric system 1. bc sometimes i think america is stupid about what they really do we always have to be diffrent and if we switched it would make everything easier if you want my honest opinion i think the only reason that we dont switch is so we can make everything else difficult for us and the other people that may use the metric system if we switched it would make sence thats why we havent switched.