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Title: Why do we need people to do research? (due 11/4)
Category: Random/fun Discussions
Description: relevance of research
We have been learning about the scientific method in class, but it doesn't stop in 10th grade science. Scientists around the world, in all disciplines, are using this process to conduct research to enrich or prolong our lives.  Everyday there seems to be an announcement that something will improve or harm your health, and technology continues to improve its speed and decrease its size. Science does not exist in a vacuum; it affects your life daily!

Please find an article that relates to scientific research of some kind and provide the link along with a summary of the findings, and what impact you think the research will have on society.  It can be related to health (vaccines, diseases, etc.) or the environment (global warming, pollution, fracking), or some other aspect of biology.  The Nobel Prizes were just named and those scientists were selected because of their contribution to society;  that may be a good place to start.  Other places to look for interesting articles are:,,

I hope that we get a bunch of different articles.  Pick something that interests you because there is a lot to choose from.  Your summary should be no more 3 or 4 sentences and your response indicating the impact should be 3-4 sentences as well.

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