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Title: Christmas List
Category: Random/fun Discussions
Description: Please tell me what you asked Santa to bring you for Christmas
The Christmas season is upon us.  I am just curious as to what you all want for Christmas.  I asked for a forensics kit for Christmas so I can practice and possibly offer forensics as a class next year.  I told you I'm a nerd :)  Please just jot down some of the things on your Christmas list for this year.  I hope that you all have a restful break and come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when you get back.

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Comment Posted by: Amanda Reed at 09:31:13 PM on 12/20/2011

This year I want to have a great christmas and be very suprised. And if I name all the things I want this list will streach a long, long way so I just want to wish everyone a good Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Comment Posted by: Ryan Dilly at 01:44:07 PM on 12/16/2011

What i want for christmas is new socks, underwear, pink bracelets, Pet dragon, mashbox cars, 11 eggs, milk, foood cause my house is always lacking it,barbie and ken doll, the bible, and a double cheeseburger to top it off :). Merry Christmas.

Comment Posted by: Joel Rosko at 01:05:40 PM on 12/16/2011

I want two things this year. 1. For my brother to clean up our room already because I'm on his case about it. 2. For my dad to call TWC and have them come put a line in so I can use my tv

Comment Posted by: Amanda B. at 10:01:12 AM on 12/15/2011

The only real thing I asked for was a new columbia fleece. Some money here and there. I also asked for some new movies and season DVD's.

Comment Posted by: Dalelynn Stalbird at 09:33:12 AM on 12/14/2011

For christmas I want anything that has to do with Paramore or Adele. And money would be nice.

Comment Posted by: Matthew C at 07:58:08 PM on 12/13/2011

I wished for:

Under Armor Clothes
Nike Shoes
Modern Warfare 3
Itunes gift cards
other things...

Comment Posted by: Donald L at 02:58:43 PM on 12/13/2011

I want a computer

Comment Posted by: Erin M. at 01:58:51 PM on 12/13/2011

I want a Nook Color, a Mitch Versteeg gameworn jersey, a Northface fleece, H&M gift card and clothes, Lush gift card and gift set, American Eagle Gift Card and clothes, more Mitch Versteeg gatorade, and there's probably more, but I can't remember!

Comment Posted by: Jacob N at 01:58:38 PM on 12/13/2011

I wished for an Xbox 360, MW3, and some money for itunes. Also i was talking to my grandma and she might give me her car. But thats all i wished for and hopefully i get it from santa!

Comment Posted by: Paul N at 02:15:30 PM on 12/12/2011

I would like an electronic keyboard for christmas. Also I would like Minecraft, and a lot of mountain dew Fuel for the break so I can totally pig and nerd out!

Comment Posted by: Lauren at 09:09:36 AM on 12/12/2011

well, at the moment I'm asking for a new North Face fleece, either a Nook or Iphone, seasons on DVD for Whose Line Is It Anyway, and tons of Lush stuff too :p

Comment Posted by: Emilee Cacace at 08:55:50 AM on 12/12/2011

1.Ugg boots 2.Iphone 3.Red Peacoat 4.Yoga paints from Victorias Secret 5.North Face fleece

Comment Posted by: cody leigh kuenzli at 09:58:33 AM on 12/09/2011

Dear Santa, what I would like for christmas is: my two front teeth, lol jk, what i would really like for christmas is to spend more time with my family, and sports not to come in the way with that. thanks, bye :)

Comment Posted by: alex nadjadi at 01:31:34 PM on 12/08/2011

i want santa to bring me a new 12 guage shot gun so i can shoot the reindeer when they land on my house....................

Comment Posted by: Anthony Nichols at 09:41:30 AM on 12/08/2011

A lot

Comment Posted by: Preston Wedd at 02:21:07 PM on 12/06/2011

I just would like to be with my family klike every year. But I would also like to have some more stuff for my drums

Comment Posted by: Aga Jean Sarno at 02:18:52 PM on 12/06/2011

I just want a guitar for christmas

Comment Posted by: Trinity H at 07:33:01 PM on 12/05/2011

 earing, pillow pet, pjs, nail polish and a laptop

Comment Posted by: Cody L. at 04:40:04 PM on 12/05/2011

Well, I asked my mom for a flat screen T.V. to share with my older brother Josh, and so that is my and his present, so I am also pitching in over one hundred dollars to get a high quality, high resolution T.V. for gaming.

Comment Posted by: Bryan Seager at 08:12:07 PM on 12/04/2011

The things i asked Santa for this year was a good grade in biology!!! i also asked Santa for a Red Ryder BB gun. But really all i want for Christmas is you =)!!! (like the song) But then again it would be nice for a sound system in my car, hmm choices choices.

Comment Posted by: Samantha R at 01:09:55 PM on 12/04/2011

For Christmas I want-
  • North Face Jacket
  • Under Armour Hoodie
  • Nike Sweatshirt
  • Boots
  • Moccasins 
  • Basketball Shorts 
  • Basketball Socks
  • Earrings 
  • American Eagle Jeans

Comment Posted by: Emily M at 08:53:53 PM on 12/02/2011

I asked for "Just Dance 3" and a pair of Ironfist high heels....I will not be shooting my eye out, nor am i planning on twisting my ankle but stuff happens.

Comment Posted by: Alexandria Bartholomew at 10:40:08 AM on 12/02/2011

This year for Christmas I told my parents to just make a Christmas for my sublings just because I'm getting too old to be waking up and getting all excited to open up a bunch of presants when I already know that our parents do all the work. It's for the kid's to have fun but unfortunatly, my mom got me stuff but showed me what they were ;)I have a pear of ug boots and a chi straightener. I'm bieing some thnigs for my siblings and my parents.

Comment Posted by: Kyle W at 09:26:41 AM on 12/02/2011 bed
2. tv
4.carhartt bibes and coat
5. boots
6. 243 rifel