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Title: First Full Month of School
Category: Alt. Blog
Description: Our experience at school from September 7th to October 7th.

 I just finished reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Sean Covey). According to Covey habits either "Make you or break you." What does Covey mean by this statement?

If, as a community of learners (otherwise known as a school) we wanted to ensure that every student achieves a 90% attendance rate; and every student scores 85% or higher in their assigned courses; and every student scores 85% or higher on all Regent's examinations; What habits would staff and students alike have to exhibit in order for us to accomplish this?

I would like to hear your thoughts.

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Comment Posted by: Natasha at 11:02:21 AM on 10/18/2011

show up every day have a good attitude be respectful put effort into our work.=)

Comment Posted by: Jacob at 11:00:38 AM on 10/18/2011

pay attention and do the work that is givin to us

Comment Posted by: danielle at 10:59:08 AM on 10/18/2011

i really dont know, cause everybodys different

Comment Posted by: kyle at 11:07:59 AM on 10/17/2011

be to school and participate

Comment Posted by: at 11:05:03 AM on 10/17/2011

teacher cant b getting mad at student they need to take time and get to know them and studendt need to b respectful to the teachers ;-)

Comment Posted by: Somebody at 11:38:59 AM on 10/14/2011

Your habits can either be good habits and you be succesful or you could have really bad habits and they will just destroy you and ruin your chances of either being something or doing something

Comment Posted by: Shiasia Driscoll at 11:36:19 AM on 10/14/2011

A good habit helps you suceed and bad habits will break you .

Comment Posted by: jeffrey at 11:30:36 AM on 10/14/2011

i have no clue.