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Title: Keeping up with Adobe
Category: Software
Description: Students are using several different Adobe programs

The computer classes are currently using so many different Adobe programs that it's hard to keep up.  Staying on top of the new features in each new release also poses quite a challenge - but it's a fun one!  The Graphics classes wrapped up a lengthy Illustrator unit and are now learning the in and outs of basic animation in Flash.  We made several projects with shape and classic tweens, now on to inverse kinematics (bone tool), frame-by-frame, and motion tweens this week.  The DTP/Multimedia class spent a couple classes working with sound files in Soundbooth, and this week we move on to Premiere for video files.  These two programs are new for me too, so we are learning together.  The Publications class has been usning InDesign all year and doing a nice job.  Dreamweaver has played a role in many of my classes throughout the year as we select projects to post on the web.  We are currently using Adobe Design Suite 4.0, but we're hoping to upgrade to 5.5 soon.  I've always wanted to work with Adobe After Effects, so hopefully someday we can upgrade to the "Master Collection".

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