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Title: What does
Category: Social Media
Description: Social Media and Mark Zuckerberg
In class recently, we have discussed what social media is, we have experimented with comment threads and posting, and we have learned about Mark Zuckerberg.  Inquiring minds would like to know: What does "Social Media" mean to you?
In your post, please include a link to an website or an image that has something to do with social media.  This will require you to perform brief Internet research.

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Comment Posted by: C Y at 10:10:44 AM on 10/15/2014

Social Media is becoming a large part of our daily lives. We communicate with friends, family, and even business members. Another reason Social Media is becoming very important is because it can help you find a job or create an ad campaign. Companies often check on their employees through social networking cites as well.

Comment Posted by: C N at 10:11:01 AM on 10/03/2014

chris nobles

social meida to me is a plece where busneiss people and family and friends can post pictures and statues about what they are doing or planing they also can message eatchother and meet new people on facebook you can also join fanpages

Comment Posted by: S S at 10:10:27 AM on 10/03/2014

link missing
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Social media makes tasks such as catching up on local and national current events much simpler. One example of a current event that I personally wouldnt of known about without socail media is the 11th anual ken-ducky derby in the ohio river.

Comment Posted by: R L at 10:09:24 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media means a lot to some people. A lot of people that I know have morning routines and all of them have social media involved in there somewhere. I use to wake up and go on instagram and go through my newsfeed and then go on twitter and do the same thing then go on snapchat and watch all the stories then go on vine and look to see if my favorite viner posted anything new. If they did I'd watch it a million times then finally get up. But now that I'm older i realized that I dont need that right when i wake up and waste time. So now I do all of that in the car. So yes I don't think i could go a day without social media but it also could get me in trouble for staying up to late and not wanting to get up the next morning a nd my mom yelling at me. Most everyone I know as at least one of these socail medias and I can always find them and talk to them. I met one of my best friends on facebook that lives in maryland. I haven't met him yet but we facetime everyday and it's like being there in person because his and I's families know each other like it's our own. I love social media.

Comment Posted by: T S at 10:08:27 AM on 10/03/2014

social media is a new way to post pictures and videos and watch them share pictures and videos talk to people.

Comment Posted by: C Y at 10:08:03 AM on 10/03/2014

missing link
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Social Media has changed the daily routine of everyone. Now instead of sending notes in the mail, people can check their messages on Facebook. You can check the news and weather over twitter. Social media changes everything,

Comment Posted by: E P at 10:07:48 AM on 10/03/2014

Those are interesting statistics.
---- Original Message ----
It's a great way to share stories and news.

Comment Posted by: A S at 10:07:12 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media to me is a different way to talk to people and to be social with others like twitter facebook and instagram.

Comment Posted by: T Z at 10:07:05 AM on 10/03/2014

And I think there is one more popular than wechat that is QQ.
I think it more interesting. I like it better.

Comment Posted by: B K at 10:05:46 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media to me, means for everyone to be able to communicate with each other with several different social media networks.

Comment Posted by: J R at 10:04:15 AM on 10/03/2014

social media means to me is talking to your friends on facebook and twitter and other medias ones posting pitures and other things that you do.

Comment Posted by: V N at 10:04:08 AM on 10/03/2014

link missing
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Soical media means to me expanding with others sharing thing that ithers might wanna see , seeing what people think of things as in video, pics, an just talking to friends over a site

Comment Posted by: D M at 10:03:47 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media is a new way to communicate with people all around the world. It also lets them share pictures and videos with everyone. It is very helpful because it also provides a lot of information that is always avalible. Without social media people wouldnt have as many ways to communicate or share parts of their lifes. It helps bring people closer together if they are far apart.

Comment Posted by: T L at 10:03:38 AM on 10/03/2014

Social Media can mean many things to many different people but to me Social Media is just the internet in general. With the help of Social Media we've been able to bring people together from all over the world from every platform through videos , messages, blogs, vlogs anything you could imagine is bassicaly possible with the help of Media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit the options are endless to where you can spread and learn about data. That is what Social Media is to me it is something great that was created which has now brought our world together on one platform allowing us to acesss information in only seconds. With the help of Social Media i was able to find out that Ebola has now striked a fourth American and may slowly rise in numbers.

Comment Posted by: A S at 10:03:29 AM on 10/03/2014

  Social Media to me is websites and applications that lets users to create and share things or to participate in social networking. Things such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and things like that so people can interact with others

Comment Posted by: T Z at 10:03:19 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media help people communicate with each other even long distance or international ,and we also can send our feelings and some interesting things on the  social medias and share with our friends or followers.There is one social media in China,and I use it too..Haha..It's called wechat.


Comment Posted by: M U at 10:03:05 AM on 10/03/2014

to me social media is a way to promote my music

Comment Posted by: C L at 10:02:52 AM on 10/03/2014

Great article! You should all read it.
---- Original Message ----
Social media has changed our world drastically. To me, social media is a type of application/website that allows to connect with friends from afar, and sometimes even the ones next door. I found a site that explains the positives and the negatives of social media.

Comment Posted by: K G at 10:02:10 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media has a llowed me to learn and share many thigs pertaining to my interests and hobbies, among them being food and running. Through sites such as Pinterest and other Instagram accounts centered around the same things, I have found many ways to learn useful skills, cooking techniques and inspiration for new recipes being among them. Through social media, I have discovered how to change a bowl of bland oats into a super-food creation, not only delicious but aestetically pleasing. Also,  I have been able through the ability to share these things to come up with more ideas and see and hear others throughts on mine.

Comment Posted by: R H at 10:01:02 AM on 10/03/2014

I think that social media is important as it allows us to stay connected to people we know. It has helped people in many ways in the period of time sence the internet was created.

Comment Posted by: M W at 10:00:21 AM on 10/03/2014

Social media doesn't mean that much to me. You can just post whatever. People may not take you seriously, though opinions of random strangers on the internet doesn't matter that much.

Comment Posted by: A S at 10:00:02 AM on 10/03/2014

 Social Media to me is websites and applications that let users to create and share things or to participate in social networking

Comment Posted by: N L at 09:58:50 AM on 10/03/2014

This is an interesting article.
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Social Media is a good way to keep in touch with old friends and family. To me it is a way to communicate with people that i don't get to see very often.

Comment Posted by: M L at 09:58:44 AM on 10/03/2014

link missing
---- Original Message ----

---- Original Message ----
It means a new way connect with other people and watch fuuny viral videos

Comment Posted by: E P at 09:57:15 AM on 10/03/2014

link mising
---- Original Message ----
It's a good way to share stories and news.

Comment Posted by: L R at 10:11:22 AM on 10/02/2014

It helps long distance reletives stay connected.

Comment Posted by: E L at 10:09:11 AM on 10/02/2014

To me social media means twitter because i am on twitter alot and twitter is life.

Comment Posted by: R J at 10:04:56 AM on 10/02/2014 Social media  has change the way people communicate today. Social Media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in communities and networks.

Comment Posted by: H R at 10:04:45 AM on 10/02/2014

Social Media  to me is a way to connect with friends and family, by sharing pictures and videos. There are good and bad sides to Social media though. There is cyber-bulluing,it creates a false sense of communication, and it can decrease productivity. It is also useful however,because it can help you stay in touch with loved ones and friends.It is also useful for businesses to get public opinions. I found an article that explains the negitive affects of social media.

Comment Posted by: E K at 10:04:42 AM on 10/02/2014

Great article!  All should read!
---- Original Message ----
I currently do not have a social media account, so social media means nothing to me. I know it is a way to interact with friends, family, and other people. Specific causes can gain support, and people can keep up with news around the world. So I guess to me, social media seems a lot like texting - only a lot bigger in today's society.
To today's society, social media means everything - well, a lot anyways. It impacts people around the world, as welll as the news. For example, I found a web page about how social media has even impacted protests in Hong Kong and Bejing.

Comment Posted by: B H at 10:04:20 AM on 10/02/2014

Great article!
---- Original Message ----
Social media is a way you communicate with other people, people interested in the same as you, your friends, or your relatives.  There are many ways people interact together on the internet like social networking, social news, social bookmarking, social video or photo sharing, or wikis.  Social media is become very important in our social lives.

Comment Posted by: S K at 10:04:09 AM on 10/02/2014

Great article!
---- Original Message ----
Social media pulls away our connection from our everday activities. Inculding work, homework, sports, other school activities, etc. Yet, social media connects us with people we cant necesarly see on an everyday basis.

Comment Posted by: M S at 10:04:05 AM on 10/02/2014

Social Media, according to me, is a form of non face-to-face communication. It is a way to stay connected with people all around the world. It is also a way to be informed about things happening daily. For example, you can check the weather, watch the news online, research, chat, and do many other things!

Comment Posted by: J Y at 10:02:48 AM on 10/02/2014

How is the article an example of social media?
---- Original Message ----
To me, social media means a place where people can post different things, such as blogs, vlogs, and anything else they want. It's also a place that you can have a user profile or account, and where you're able to post comments or replies. This is an example of a social media with this article of Ukraine rebels.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Comment Posted by: J K at 10:02:23 AM on 10/02/2014

Great article! Anyone interested in Ebola should read it!
---- Original Message ----
To me social media is a way for friends and family to stay connected through things such as texting and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ect to stay connected in a timely fasion. Social media also brings together people with common beliefs or ideas on a platform of which they can talk about and share their ideas.
In this artical they speak of a student that spreak a text message that led to the death of two people in Africa during the Ebola outbreak.

Comment Posted by: J W at 10:02:12 AM on 10/02/2014

Social media is a joke to me. It is a wast of peoples time. It takes time away from people. People could do more if they wernt on social media all day.

Comment Posted by: T F at 10:02:01 AM on 10/02/2014

China continually appears in news stories related to social media!
---- Original Message ----
Social media is a way to communicate with people and let them know what is going on in the world.

Comment Posted by: J V at 10:01:16 AM on 10/02/2014

Comment Posted by: J D at 10:00:23 AM on 10/02/2014

it means i get to chat with friends

Comment Posted by: C P at 09:59:41 AM on 10/02/2014

---- Original Message ----

Comment Posted by: J T at 09:59:06 AM on 10/02/2014
Social media means to me a website or app that you can have eathier friends or followers.  The friends and follwers have to be able to to like and add a comment.

Comment Posted by: B D at 09:58:48 AM on 10/02/2014

To me social media is collaborating and communicating with other people using words, pictures, and information.

Comment Posted by: A Y at 09:58:32 AM on 10/02/2014

Social Media is a way to find out what goes on in the world besides watching the news, which we are usually in school for and when we all get home we just want to get our homework done and eat and watch tv. for example.

Comment Posted by: J D at 09:58:23 AM on 10/02/2014

---- Original Message ----
it lets me chat with friends

Comment Posted by: R W at 09:57:14 AM on 10/02/2014

to be able to express your opinion with some constructive critism ,and you also can meet people that have the same opinion of yours. then you can discuss the opinions in further detail. Also there are so may kinds of social media.

Comment Posted by: M H at 09:56:29 AM on 10/02/2014

Social media is a social interaction among people, in which they create, view, and share information.

Comment Posted by: C M at 09:55:21 AM on 10/02/2014

Apple is a huge provider to the social media world.

Comment Posted by: T B at 11:43:57 AM on 10/01/2014

Social media has changed the ways people interact and communicate.  There are positive and negative sides to it.  However, the use of social media is so prevalent that it is hard to avoid.  Social media even influences the news and political situations in the world.  It really is a tour de force!  I found an video online that used social media to showcase a volcanic eruption in Japan!