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Title: The Social Network
Category: Social Media
Description: Film Discussion
Today in class, we watched a second part of The Social Network.  Some of the topics treated in this segment of the film that relate to our class are: legal proceedings and repercussions, how using information can affect other people’s lives, the appeal of a social network (knowing the members, pictures and info of members, exclusivity), Palo Alto and intellectual property.

Choose one of the topics above, perform 5 minutes of Internet research on the topic (find an article and read it) and blog about how the movie showcases this aspect information technology. 

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Comment Posted by: M L at 09:26:11 AM on 10/09/2014

Intellectual property is the rights that are legally reconized and exclusive rights to the creation of mind. These can relate to what they are doing in the lawsuit and agruing about it. Mark allegedly stole the idea of facebook from the two brothers but he only took their idea and expanded on it in more various ways. Intellectual property can also deal with Mark's trade mark of facebook.

Comment Posted by: M H at 09:26:10 AM on 10/08/2014

Too short.
---- Original Message ----
The movie showcases the ability to share things about yourself on the internet.

Comment Posted by: L R at 09:47:39 PM on 10/07/2014

Using information can affect other people’s lives in different ways. It can be good or bad. It can be good in life to help us stay connected to people that can not get informed in personbecause they might not live near you. It realates to the film how the students could stay connected to other student in their school and a couple other schools. And if you are at one of the other schools you are not going to travel to the other to get information when you can just hop onto the website.  It can be bad in life with things like cyberbullying. It can also be bad in the film because their were people being jugde on hot or not and this made people get very embarrased and mad.

Comment Posted by: H R at 09:04:40 PM on 10/07/2014

 I chose the topic intellectual property. Intellectual property refers to the creation of the mind such as inventions, designs, symbols, and names and images used in commerce. inetellectual propery is protected by law for example copyrights, and trademarks. This helps the inventor earn recognition or finacial bentfit for whatever they invent or create. Intellectual property relates to the movie we are watching in class because in the movie Mark Zucerburg is being sued by the other boys from harvard for stealing their intellectual property. They claimed that Mark stole their ideas to create facebook. They created the idea so this make it their intellectual propety.

Comment Posted by: A S at 01:24:57 PM on 10/07/2014

The use of websites and social networking is to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself.

Comment Posted by: T Z at 11:08:53 AM on 10/07/2014

Nowadays, social medias are really important to people, they change people's life, make it more active.Just like, when we feel boring we can use like facebook or twitter to chat with your friends and we can also learn many information from the social media, it can make us have more knowledge. So that social network is really stronge.

Comment Posted by: T L at 10:49:55 AM on 10/07/2014

In the movie The Social Network many aspects of the internet and social network are shown. One of the many things shown within the movie though is Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property is that the rights are the legally recognized exclusive rights to creations of the mind. Within the movie Mark Zuckerbug supposedly goes against this by supposedly said to steal the idea from a group of people from another fraternity who came up with a similiar idea along with the code for it. The group of people prosecuting Mark said that they believed he stole their code and idea by then stealing their Intellectual Property which caused them to take him to legal reasons. When truthfully Mark Zuckerbug used his own code and his own idea from his aspect of the site he created earlier within the year of being at Harvard. This is how the movie The Social Network showcases Intellectual Property.

Comment Posted by: R H at 10:39:05 AM on 10/07/2014

---- Original Message ----
With intellectual property, the person is granted intangible assets like music, artistic or literarty works, devices, and words. If this is violated by another person they can be sued, like in the facebook incedent.

Comment Posted by: N H at 10:38:32 AM on 10/07/2014

Too short.
---- Original Message ----
Useing information can effect other peoples lives

Comment Posted by: K G at 10:38:20 AM on 10/07/2014

Avoid run-ons.
---- Original Message ----
The Social Network demonstrates the aspect of the appeal of a social network by showing how quickly a network such as Facebook can spread. In the movie, the site's popularity went from zero to all in a very small amount of time, and had a broad array of users just by others sharing with their friends about it, and that it can be very useful to their social lives.

Comment Posted by: N L at 10:38:11 AM on 10/07/2014

The movie showcases the appeal of Social Networking when the girl says, "It can be extremely addicting though. I log onto it like, 5 times a day." This shows that people enjoy learning more about what their friends are doing.

Comment Posted by: E P at 10:38:05 AM on 10/07/2014

Stealing information can lead to lawsuits.

Comment Posted by: M U at 10:37:32 AM on 10/07/2014

Social network can be both good and bad, something like finding new friends and meeting new people is good, but with more friends comes more drama.

Comment Posted by: C L at 10:37:21 AM on 10/07/2014

During the second part of The Social Network I saw that in order to communicate on a social network you need two people's consent for each other's interactions. When a person accepts your request they allow you into their internet life and gives you access to everything on it.

Comment Posted by: M W at 10:36:57 AM on 10/07/2014

In the movie, Mark and others uses their Facebooks to gather info on other students. Of course, the spread of info can also land people in trouble such as the chicken cannibal incident.

Comment Posted by: S S at 10:36:14 AM on 10/07/2014

 Quick and precise typing skills are very vital to the success of creating the facebook, because Mark zuckerburg and later two interns that later join all had to type millions of lines of code to create the site and modify it when it was  finished. If they were to "point and peck" the process wouldve taken tripple the time that it did to create the site.

Comment Posted by: A M at 10:36:04 AM on 10/07/2014

Quick and fast typing skills are used by Mark. He types ver fast and percise when he is coding his website Facebook

Comment Posted by: R L at 10:35:02 AM on 10/07/2014

Social network can be good and bad at the same time. The good would be maybe finding a friend or a guy/girl that you like and talking to him or her. The bad would be a lot of fights and drama. And  I mean a lot of it.

Comment Posted by: M S at 10:16:27 PM on 10/06/2014

This movie showcases the appeal of a social network ( knowing the members, pictures, and info of members, exclusivity). There are many appeals to having a social network account. Those include: knowing what people are up to, meeting new people, finding out what people are interested in, and much more! Mark Zuckerburg creates a social networking account that appeals to him and others around him. He was the start to an online revoution.

Comment Posted by: E K at 10:37:01 AM on 10/06/2014

Awesome! Thanks for including the links.  It is interesting to see how IP is considered in the world right now.
---- Original Message ----
Intellectual Property
In the movie The Social Network, the Winkleboss brothers filed a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerburg, the creator of (The) Facebook, claiming he [Zuckerburg] had commited intelluctual property theft. Intellectual property is a person's ideas, and every p-erson has legally recognized exclusive rights to it [intellectual property].
The Winklebosses said Facebook was originally their idea, Harvard Connection, and Mark stole this idea. It was not mentioned that Harvard Connection was copyrighted, so I believe this entire lawsuit is pointless.

Comment Posted by: B H at 10:35:07 AM on 10/06/2014

The movie shows the appeal of social networking to people.  The first day "The Facebook" is put on the internet over 600 students had signed up.  In the movie, students use social media to meet new students and get together.  Social networking appeals to many people because they can connect with their friends and tell them what is happening in their own lives without having to see them face to face.

Comment Posted by: R W at 10:30:47 AM on 10/06/2014

this can  affect peoples lives by if people go to different colleges they can keep tabs on people.  If someone when to stanford and another went to harvord they still can see what everyone is doing.

Comment Posted by: E L at 10:28:49 AM on 10/06/2014

Usings some ones piture without asking can effect peoples lives some one could sell it and its not theres.

Comment Posted by: B D at 10:27:57 AM on 10/06/2014

Using information can affect other peoples lives. On facebook, you can get information on other people such as where they are from, hobbies, relationship status, etc. This can give you an understanding of what the person is like. It can affect other people's lives because it can force you to make the decision of if you want to be friends with the person or not.

Comment Posted by: J W at 10:27:28 AM on 10/06/2014

What? Too much "tech".
---- Original Message ----
tech has gone a long way sence the begining of tech.

Comment Posted by: P W at 10:27:11 AM on 10/06/2014

The appeal of soicial networking is that people can communicate with eachother whether its a person you know or a person you just met and would like to become friends with that person and the social media allows you to communicate through the internet

Comment Posted by: J Y at 10:26:54 AM on 10/06/2014

Using information can affect peoples lives negatively in many different ways, depending on what the information is, and how it was obtained. Using other peoples names or pictures and posting them online is one way to affect someones life. Another way is by stealing other peoples written ideas and continuing it. The movie showcases this aspect. In the movie, Mark finds and copies pictures of people from his school, and makes a website out of it, which negatively affected peoples lives because their information has been leaked and used.

Comment Posted by: J K at 10:26:40 AM on 10/06/2014

In the movie, the law suit that was against Mark was a huge legal battle that was placed the ownership of Facebook between the two parties. The legal battle was ended by the Winklevoss twins reciving 20M and facebook stock that was now placed around 150M.

Comment Posted by: J T at 10:26:12 AM on 10/06/2014

Using information can affect other peoples lives because it can ruin them by gossiping and it can help because you only have to post one thing and hundreds of people can see it.

Comment Posted by: J V at 10:26:07 AM on 10/06/2014

Tech Has gone a long way

Comment Posted by: C M at 10:24:02 AM on 10/06/2014

i learned the Mark was a very smart persona and is in two lawsuits

Comment Posted by: J D at 10:23:43 AM on 10/06/2014

i learned how zugerberg stole facebook