About Mrs. Lutz

In addition to teaching, I am the advisor for the Edison Key Club, and co-advisor for the TAE/Cohen Middle School Ski/Board club.  I have taught in the Elmira Heights School District for 19 years.  I was very honored to be the recipient of the Star Gazette Educator of the Month in May of 2006. 

I am married to Andy Lutz, who also works for the Elmira Heights School District (Athletic Director and Interim Cohen Elementary Principal).  We have a 5 year old daughter, Maren.  I like to listen to ABBA, Great Big Sea, and Old Crow Medicine Show.  My favorite TV shows are Monk, Fringe, and Law & Order SVU.  I enjoy Earth Science-related activities outside of school, including hiking, kayaking, camping, skiing (cross-country & downhill) & geocaching.

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 8 years old.  My dad even built me a little red schoolhouse to play school as a kid.  I enjoy teaching and earth science topics so I am working my dream job at TAE. 

I am very concerned with the condition of our planet.  I DO believe that we are part of the global warming problem, (and other problems) and that every little thing that we can do to help makes a difference!  In Key Club, we do a road cleanup day twice a year near the Domes in Horseheads.  I compost all of my food scraps at home (using natural decomposition and also a worm bin).  I hope that, although small, these contributions will help keep our planet beautiful (and habitable) for my daughter and her children in the future.  I hope that through this course, you will have an appreciation for the beauty of our planet, and will develop a sense of stewardship for the Earth as well.