Hello!  Welcome to our class pages!  My name is Tammi Alexander, and I teach 2nd grade at Fassett Elementary School.  Our classroom aide is Mrs. Seelye, and we are in room 219, upstairs.  We currently have 21 students in our class.      

    This website was designed to inform you of all that we do in grade two.  It was also created to serve as an educational tool.  I've included many sections for you and your child to explore at your leisure.  You will find links to several safe and educational websites that can reinforce what we are learning in our classroom. 

    Throughout this site, you will have access to our literacy themes & weekly focus, class lists, HFW Lists, classroom newsletters, a class & school-wide calendar and much more!


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                                                 "READERS are LEADERS"



The Welcoming Name Game

WHO: Ms. A’s 2nd grade class
WHAT: a "getting to know you" exercise
WHEN: the first day of school
WHY: a fun way to introduce ourselves
HOW: answering questions using the 1st letter/sound of our name ~ even if it means being silly or not true….just for fun!
My name is Tammi
I think I’m terrific
I like to teach
I’m good at telling time
I like to eat toasted cheese sandwiches

I don’t like tattling
I’m never tired
My favorite flower is a tulip
My name is Tammi
name is HeavenI think I'm honest
I like to horse around
I'm good at helping
I like to eat hot dogs
I don't like hot days
My favorite flower is heather
My name is HeMy name is Dena-Jo
I'm think I'm dreamy
I like to dog sit
I'm good at dog sitting
I like to eat donuts
I don't like doing chores
I'm never dramatic
My favorite flower is dahlia
My name is Dena-Jo
My name is Hailey
I think I'm hard working
I like to eat healthy
I'm good at helping
I don't like being hurtful
My favorite flower is heather
My name is Hailey
My name is Lilith
I think I'm lovable
I like to listen
I'm good at loving
I like to eat lollypops
I don't like lily pads
I'm never lonely
My favorite flower is a lily
My name is Lility
This is very sweet! Draw a stick person in the box, then click DONE & follow the adventu

Want to Plant your own flower garden?

Click on the link below.  When you get the black page, drag or click your mouse anywhere and everywhere to see what happens!  HAPPY PLANTING!




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