Monday 10/16 Lesson 5 Problem Set #1 and # 2 Download math-g7-m1-topic-a-lesson-5-student.docx
Tuesday 10/17 no homework

Wednesday      10/18 Lesson 7 problem set Download math-g7-m1-topic-b-lesson-7-student.docx
Thursday 10/19 No Homework  
Friday 10/20 No School Have a good weekend!
Monday 10/9 No homework No School
Tuesday 10/10 No homework  
Wednesday      10/11 Graph Download graphing_singleLineGraph_(1).pdf
Thursday 10/12 graphing Download graphing_four_ordered_puzzle.pdf
Friday 10/13 No Homework Have a good weekend!
Monday 10/2 No homework We will be finishing our projects this week.  The kids are having a lot of fun and learning a lot.  Make sure to ask them how it is going.
Tuesday 10/3 No homework  
Wednesday      10/4 no homework  
Thursday 10/5 no homework  
Friday 10/6 no homework
Monday 9/25 No homework CO2 car project all week
Tuesday 9/26 No homework
Wednesday      9/27 no homework  
Thursday 9/28 no homework  
Friday 9/29 no homework

Monday 9/18 No homework  
Tuesday 9/19 Lesson 3
Problem Set
Download math-g7-m1-topic-a-lesson-3-student.docx
Wednesday      9/20 no homework  
Thursday 9/21 Lesson 4
Problem Set #1 only
Download math-g7-m1-topic-a-lesson-4-student.docx
Friday 9/22 no homework

Worked with algebra tiles in class
Monday 9/11 No homework  
Tuesday 9/12 No Homework  
Wednesday      9/13 No Homework  
Thursday 9/14 No Homework  
Friday 9/15    No Homework

Monday 9/4 No School  
Tuesday 9/5    
Wednesday 9/6 First Day of School No homework
Thursday 9/7 Get to know you No homework
Friday 9/8 TEST No homework