Thursday, April 9th:
I sent out an email with High Importance to all students.  You should check your email everyday.  You need to get used to checking your email, logging into MyWG, visiting MyBackPack or Microsoft Teams. 

Tuesday, March 25th: 

I sent an email out to all students, parents and anyone on their SchoolTool account that receives email on Monday March 23rd.
I have already heard back from many of you! :-)
If you did not receive an email, let me know by clicking email me or you can email me directly at amorganti@wgcsd.org (not a hyperlink).

Under the RESOURCES Tab, from the HOMEWORK folder in the drop down, you will find blank copies of the packets sent home last Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 25th: 8:32pm 
ANSWER KEYS to the packets have been uploaded to the RESOURCES tab.  In the drop down, you will see Answer Key to Math Packets.  Once selected, you will find Math 7 pages in numerical order and Advanced Math 7 in numerical order.  Advanced Math, the rest of your packet after the first 8 pages is the  Math 7 pages listed in the answer key.