Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  My name is Ms. Kissell and this is my 10th year as a special education teacher in the WGCSD. This year I will be teaching a section of Math for 7th & 8th grade students. I will also be co-teaching with Mrs.Mahns in 8th Grade Math,  Mr.Davidowsky in 8th Grade Science, and with Mrs.Hogan in Highschool Algebra Concepts.  I am excited and eager for the new school year.
My expectations for academic standards and conduct are high. To help ensure a successful school year, I have the following classroom routines, procedures, and policies.
Classroom Management

Be respectful of everyone
Be responsible for yourself
Please use appropriate language & behavior
Please follow directions
Please be safe


Verbal warning (no more than 2)
Removal from group or "time out" (work needs to be finished before moving on to next class)
Loss of recess, lunch, or free time with peers.
Call home to Parents
Referral to disciplinarian and or principal for ISS/OSS

Rewards: Students will also have positive behavioral support. Students who maintain appropriate behavior throughout the day and/or students caught being a model student will receive a ticket. The tickets will be collected for a week. Then one ticket will be drawn on every Friday. The student who wins, gets to be the student of the week for the following week and draw a prize from the prize box.
Class Procedures
Homework: Depending on the grade level and class, students may or may not have homework. For Math class students will have daily work, but may finish it during class if they use their time wisely. Their will also always be study hall time for students to work on homework. Their will not be homework assigned over breaks when school is in recess.
  • Parental support is greatly appreciated to encourage your child to take responsibility and pride in their homework. Students will have a planner/folder with their assignments recorded. Once an assignment is completed it should be initialed by a teacher/staff member/parent. Please check your student's planner/folder nightly to be sure your child has completed their homework and initial it. I believe this system will promote completion of assignments and organizational skills.
Assessment: Students will be assessed for progress in a variety of ways. Their will be classwork and homework if work is not completed in class. Students will also have unit tests at the end of each chapter.


Grade Break Down- 100%
Tests and Quizes 50%
Participation 20%
Homework/Classwork 30%
  • I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your child. My e-mail is mkissell@wgcsd.org