Welcome to Mrs. Muir's Classroom Page!

Please bring the following supplies to English class:
-blue or black ink pens
-marble composition notebook/journal
-loose leaf/filler paper
-3 ring binder or a folder with pockets 

 Some things to keep in mind as we continue this year:
Be upbeat and positive....smile....set goals....find reasons to succeed....focus on learning....enjoy your educational experience! 



I.  - Be Prepared:

  1. have your materials (pen, notebook, journal, textbooks...)
  2. be ready to listen and be in your seat when the bell rings.
  3. keep bathroom breaks to a minimum. 
     - Participate:
  1. take part in class discussions.    
  2. volunteer to answer questions.   
  3. behave in such a way that is conducive to learning.
  4. follow classroom rules and verbal directions as they are given.
      - Complete in class assignments:
  1. complete the assignments during class.
  2. grades will vary.

II.   Work on your Essays:
  1. on line essays will be given during class time, but if you don't complete it during class, be sure to get to a computer and get it done by the due date.
  2. put your best effort into your essays, they are important.
  3. late work will not be accepted.
  4. take advantage of opportunities to improve your essays for a better grade.

III.  Do well on your pop quizzes:
  1. always be prepared.
  2. these can be given on any topic that we have covered.
     -Hand in your homework:
  1. keep up with the assignments.
  2. keep a homework notepad to remind you of what is due.

IV.  - Bring your journal every day:
  1. give it your best effort.
  2. read and write in it; often, you will be asked for your thoughts, feelings, and opinions- it is ok to give them to me and they do NOT have to be the same as mine.

       - Study for and work hard on Unit Exams/Unit Projects.


 Some basic things to remember are:
 *no cell phones or communications devices allowed*
1.      Be on time for class.
2.      Be prepared for class.
3.      Be courteous.
4.      Treat others as you would like to be treated.
5.      Late assignments do not get full credit. If they are too late, they don't get any credit.
6.      YOU are responsible for any work that you miss due to absences, class trips, band lessons, etc. 


To contact me, please email me at kmuir@wgcsd.org