Maps and Geography
First Grade Maps and Geography
Can My Life Fit on a Map?

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Supporting Question 1- What are map symbols and how do I use them?
  • Source A: PSDtechnology, video on map symbols, 2nd Grade Understanding and Making Maps Symbols, 2013

    Reproduced with permission from SchoolMedia, Inc. Available on YouTube:

     Understanding & Making Maps: An Introduction. Copyright 2004 SchoolMedia, Inc. available at DVD available at

    Source B: Image bank: Photographs and maps
    Image 1: Photograph of New York City
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    © iStock / © crossroadscreative.


Supporting Question 2- What are cardinal directions and how do I use them?
  • Source A: Susan LaBella, article about maps, “Learn about Maps,” 2015
     Learn about Maps
by Susan LaBella
Maps are pictures of places. Special drawings on maps help people use them.
A compass rose is a symbol found on maps. It shows directions. The compass rose has four main points. One point shows which way is north. Another shows south. Other points show east and west.  
Supporting Question 3- What are the other tools on a map and how do they work?

Supporting Question 4- How can I make a map of a real-life place?