World War II
11th Grade World War II
Why Was the US on the Winning Side of World War II?

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Supporting Question 1- Why was the home front so important to the war front?
Technology Resources:

Ken Burns, video clip describing war production, “Wartown: War Production in America,” Ken Burn’s The War, Public Broadcasting Station, 2007 

Image 1:  J. Howard Miller, poster featuring Rosie the Riveter, “We Can Do It,” Westinghouse, 1942

Image 2:  Jean Carll, poster featuring servicemen firing rifles, “Give ‘em Both Barrels,” United States Government Printing Office, 1941

Image 3:  Liberman, poster of African-American and white men working together, “United We Stand,” United States Government Printing Office, 1943
Author unknown, charts detailing the aircraft and tank production by different belligerents from WWII as well as U.S. production totals, “By the Numbers: Wartime Production,” National WWII Museum, no date

Supporting Question 2- What did the United States contribute to the Allies' victory in Europe?

Technology Resources:
Source A: Richard J. Evans, article describing factors that led to Germany’s decline, “Why Hitler's Grand Plan during the Second World War Collapsed,” The Guardian, 2009 .
Source B: Author unknown, charts illustrating the number of lives lost by country, “WWII Deaths by Country,” National WWII Museum, no date

Source C: Ken Burns, video clip describing the D-Day offensive, “D-Day,” Ken Burn’s The War, Public Broadcasting Station, 2007

Supporting Question 3- How did the United States win the war against Japan?

Technology Resources:

Source B: Images detailing the pacific theater of WWII, “World War II: The Pacific Islands,” The Atlantic, 2011
Source C: Harry S. Truman, transcript of President Truman announcing the bombing of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945  Source: Harry S. Truman Library, "Army press notes," box 4, Papers of Eben A. Ayers.