Key to June 2015 Regents Exam can be found at the link below:

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Welcome to Earth Science! 

Grading information:  I input new grades weekly.  If you need information on how to use the new Parent Portal, please contact Kim Dresser in the main office.

Class Information: Earth Science is a full year class that incorporates the laboratory requirement.  All labs assigned must be completed and satisfactory for a student to take the Earth Science Regent's exam in June.

Lab Information: For each quarter a student must complete a certain number of labs to continue to be eligible for the June Regent's exam.  Labs 1-4 must be in and satisfactory in the first quarter, Labs 5 - 10 the second quarter, Labs 11 - 18 the third quarter, and Labs 19 - 28 the final quarter.  This policy helps students stay on track to qualify in June and transition into high school where more independent work is required.  If your child does not have these labs done at the end of the quarter, I will contact you and you will see an incomplete on their report card.

Please email me for more information.

Mrs. Smith