Word of the Week
Word of the Week

In an effort to build our students'  vocabularies, we have a Coburn "Word of the Week". Student Council members, staff members and special guests help us with our words. During the morning announcements, the word is mentioned along with a definition for Coburn staff and students to hear. Then it is used in sentences so the students get used to hearing it. At the end of announcements, boys and girls are always reminded to use the "Word of the Week" when they talk and when they write. They are encouraged to use the word in school and at home. We also include the "Word of the Week" in the weekly flyer that goes home on Wednesday. 


This weeks word is:


The definition is:
let it go free or stop holding it

opportunity prepare ownership contribution
accumulate abundant appreciate challenge
organize grateful hangry considerate
responsible impatient jovial goal
persistence focus scholar similar
dialogue eager Portray strategy
observant determined effort energetic
precise varieties solution modify
seldom release    
  xxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx


















the quality of continuing to try when
 something is very difficult





a chance of getting hurt
 or losing something